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What You Can Expect After Meditation

Most students comment on how they feel uplifted after meditation. Usually for a period of time, that increases in length with further meditation practice. After this time is over, you will feel your energy drop again. Practiced enough, meditation can help you stay full and luminous for life.

Some people notice they are more aware of their physical body. Becoming more conscious of ourselves can help us to realize where there are imbalances. You may notice when things are out of alignment, similar to any physical practice like yoga or internal marital arts.

Meditation can also make you aware of your emotional state. This means you will have a greater understanding of yourself over time. Sometimes when you feel happy, you will feel overwhelming joy and bliss. I can remember times when I was feeling so elated driving to work, I would be crying from the sheer bliss of existing!

In contrast, when you feel some other emotions, they can also feel powerful. Not because they are stronger, just because you are having a larger experience of awareness with them. Meditation makes you more in touch.

Most people also report a deeper connection with their intuition and the ‘Divine’, whatever label or name they place upon that energy. Some people feel closer to their ‘God’, ‘Goddess’, ‘Angels’, ‘Spirit Guides’, ‘Higher Self’, ‘Source’, ‘All That Is’ or whatever other label they use to describe the sacred in their lives. This is because meditation causes us to realise the sacred within us. When we let go of all the chaos in ourselves, we can come to understand the supreme order of our nature. This then causes us to have a greater understanding of the larger order of nature and the Universe. Many report a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose as they play in this larger field of consciousness.

Mentally, people report feeling clearer. The condition so many experience, where their mind feels like an entity all in itself, quiets. The voice of sabotage, which operates from a place of unknowing, doubt and fear is silenced, as the voice of confidence, calm and deep self acceptance gets louder. Self judgement, berating self, anger, hate, jealousy and rage – calm, until they are very rare states and are tempered easily, with a moments awareness.

Meditation is a really wonderful tool to bring all aspects of your Four Counterparts of the Soul, back into order and balance. Most people practice meditation for many years, because once mastered, the feeling of presence and beauty it brings to your life, is indescribable, even through the darkest of life’s moments.