Setting Up Your Meditation Space and Time Correctly –

Setting Up Your Meditation Space and Time Correctly

Did you know, the way you create the space and the time you choose, will have a direct effect on how your meditation practice goes and how much benefit you receive from doing it?

The best time to meditate is when the sun is rising or setting. This is because yin and yang energies on the planet change over at these times, so the balance of both for a sense of wholeness and unity or ‘oneness’, is closer to the physical world. If you can’t do this time, then around 9pm at night or 7am in the morning are the next best times.

Make sure you choose a regular time that you can commit to, if you’d like to deepen your practice. All your spiritual support team can then ‘meet’ you at this designated time and you’ll find your meditation goes deeper and revives your energy even more.

Your space for meditation should feel yummy. Take the time to make it feel peaceful. If it is messy, infuriating or reminds you of your to do list, it won’t help you relax and invite your mind to let go of your day-to-day life.

Make sure there are no overpowering smells, sounds or sights. If your senses are distracted by the physical world, it will be hard to enter your inner world.

Being disturbed during a deep meditation can cause Auric Shock. This is when the emotional layer of your Aura, which normally appears within the concetric ovals with your mental, spiritual and etheric layers, jumps to the side from the shock of being disturbed. You literally feel beside yourself and loose your centredness. Turn off the phone. Put a do not disturb sign on your door. Make sure your pets cannot jump on your lap.

If you were really deep and you got disturbed and do get Auric shock, take a moment to visualise your Aura as concentric circles again (as above), seeing the emotional layer back within the mental layer and everything centred. Breathe deeply until you feel calm and no longer rattled.

If you do have to leave a meditation early for some reason and you were all the way into the silence time in the middle, take a moment to follow the steps back the way you got into the meditation. This way you don’t leave any parts of your consciousness there in the journey and come back feeling whole.

Part of your meditation space preparation should always include a glass of water, so you can have a sip when you finish your meditation, without having to stand up first.

Make sure you have the time to meditate. If you’re thinking about how you’ve only got 17.5 minutes and then you’ve got to get ready for work, you won’t be relaxing. Set a soft alarm that won’t jolt you when it goes off, so you don’t need to worry about what is next and just sink into the moment and experience.