How Your Meditations Will Change With Practice –

How Your Meditations Will Change With Practice

If you are committed to meditation as a practice, you will experience a vast shift in your everyday life. You will feel calmer even during your day-to-day experiences. Because you have less to sort out within yourself, you will feel clearer. You will know your opinions more easily and have better boundaries in relationships. You will know how you feel.

As you clean up this internal house, by being aware of what is in it, your meditations will also become clearer. There will be less chatter in them. You will enter a place of stillness, sometimes called ‘the void’, more often. In this sacred sanctuary of self, you will witness a larger dialogue going on. You may notice resources you were not aware of before. More profound guidance and wisdom may emerge for you to engage with. You will see things with a larger perspective.

If you begin to practice your meditations daily for around 20 minutes to 1 hour a day, you will develop a sense of peace, where old trauma’s no longer define you and calm becomes a walk, you live with every day. You will no longer feel attached to much or triggered. You will experience a freedom from things others stress over.

You will also notice your physical needs change. You may become more aware of what your body needs. You may require less sleep. They say 20 minutes of meditation is the equivalent of 8 hours of sleep in terms of rest for the body. I know when I was meditating and doing personal channelling for 2 hours a day, I was very happy with only 4 hours of sleep a night for many years. You will realise a strength and life force within yourself that is more powerful than you have ever realised.

In time you may experience encounters with other beings in meditation, energies from other dimensions and spaces in time and place. If you are open, you can find many new insights and wisdom coming from these helping energies. This wisdom may choose to support you when you’re not meditating with everything from fixing your car when it breaks down or computer programming, to gathering the perfect recipe to cook tonight! As you listen more, this wisdom becomes available whether you’re meditating or not and the world, gets a whole lot more interesting!