So many of my clients come back for more adventures with me, over and again. My favourite aspect of my work, is seeing people actualise into their full potential, embodied and living their version of a wondrous life.

If you would like to work more deeply and want to be supported through your journey, I invite you to enjoy 33% off the sessions you have with me (so reduced to $200 per hour). You can use this big discount on any sessions you have with me or for multiple sessions for multiple people. I hope it helps you to support your unfolding, in these very uncertain times.

How it works:
1. Book in your subscription at the payment frequency and intervals that suit you. You need to have at least two sessions, in one year to qualify.

2. Consider what your best interval for sessions is (also based on Avril’s availability). Normally Avril is available from 10-1pm on Fridays and 10-1pm Sundays AEST (Sydney Time) for these sessions.

3. Send an email to our support team, letting us know your preferences. Within a few days, we’ll respond with your first booking date and time.

4. Every time Paypal processes a payment, we will book in your next appointment automatically (based on what you said day and time slot you preferred) and you’ll get an email with the date and time.

5. If you need to change the date of your next appointment, you can do it anytime up until 48 hours before the session starts without penalty.

6. If you ever decide you’d like to stop your subscription, just cancel it, without any penalty.

If you have any other questions about this option, please feel free to contact us and ask.

It’s available for a limited time so, please book in your subscription to begin…