Avril is absolutely honoured to channel Spiritual Art, connecting the spiritual world, with the physical. Each drawing is a bridge that connects us to our Divine. On this page you will find some examples of some of the drawings Avril has been asked to do over the years. Feel into the energy of the picture and you will get a boost, just by looking through them. Enjoy!

Want to see your Spiritual Guide? Avril has a clear channel to see and hear Guides and in these very special sessions, takes great care to draw them and brings through a sacred message from your Guide just for you.

The pictures act as bridges between your Guides energy and your own. Gazing upon the pictures becomes a healing transmission, making communication between you and your Guides energy more clear. Clients report being able to sense and hear their Guide more clearly and an over all feeling of wellbeing as the energy of their Guides love, cascades from the picture like a waterfall.

The way the Guide asks to be drawn and the symbols they present with are messages, which Avril interprets into a one page reading to go with your picture. Your picture is created during the time slot you choose or sometimes by the next day and is then lovingly packaged and sent by registered post (for Australians) to you within a couple of days. The whole process can take Avril up to 3-4 hours, depending on how your Guide wants to be drawn.

These sacred works of art are all over the world, with clients from every single continent having ordered them over the years. For a truly special piece of art and a loving connection with your sacredness, order one of these special sessions today.