Welcome!!! I am currently loading 25 years of my teachings, for you to access, totally FREE of charge. That’s thousands of videos, guided meditations and pages of class notes, designed to awaken you and help you live with peace, conscious awareness, great health, abundance and joy! Make sure you follow my new Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Spotify Podcast so you’ll be notified when new parts of the library are released. May you live an INSPIRED life!
Library of Conscious Awareness

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Best for PC users and people who want to 'have the files' downloaded on their pc or want to listen to files later, without internet access. Access the class, book and meditation files in archives of large .zipx files that you can download to your PC.

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Best for mobile and tablet users and people who want to listen to a single recording now. Access the individual files on YouTube and Spotify, so you can listen and watch on your mobile device or tablet without downloading large files.