Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths - Part 5

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 4 Review

How did you go since the last module? Did you try at least 1 thing from the list of 21 each day? If you did, I bet you had an adventurous week!!!

The element you found the easiest to work with in the meditation process was quite symbolic for you. The elements for the Chakras are:
Base – Earth
Sacral – Water
Solar Plexus - Fire
Heart – Air
Throat – Ether or energy
Third Eye – Light
Crown – Spirit or Oneness

In the meditation journey you linked them together, to help your energy be as one with itself. This is important. If you felt it was difficult to draw in energy to any of your Chakras, these Chakras may need some more energy, before you're going to be able to enjoy the gifts of Tele-Empathy, fully. The Chakras that drew upon their elements more easily will be the easiest ones to develop your gifts with. We'll go into these gifts in this module.

How did you go with the personal projects? It's sometimes tough work! So if you did get the chance to look deeply at your life, I honour you. Well done for having the courage to both see and change, whatever you feel you needed to.

Learning About Your Special Gifts

Now you understand more about how a Tele-Empath's energy field is structured and how to maintain and protect your energy, we're going to explore the gifts of being a Tele-Empath. These spiritual gifts are generic to all Tele-Empath's, simply because of the way a Tele-Empath's energy works. Some of you may have developed an awareness of this gifts these already. Others gifts may still be latent and waiting to be activated.

For all of these gifts, your clarity and abilities with them will come, as you continue to gain even more clarity with your own personal energy. The exercises we have done so far, are paramount for your gifts to develop, so continue using the tools given so far, becoming absolutely aware of what is 'your energy' and what belongs to others around you. This is why the 'gifts module' of this class is the last one. Your gifts can only become clear after a bit of hard work, to understand your own energy. We've done this hard work now and even though you will need to stay aware of your energy and what is affecting it - i.e continue with your psychic protection techniques, stay present and grounded, now we can begin to explore your blessed gifts as a Tele-Empath.

Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience

Remember a Tele-Empath totally experiences the energy of another thing. The first thing I want to mention is how Tele-Empaths experience Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. Whereas other spiritual seekers may see something, Tele-Empaths don't 'look at it', they become one with it and see the world through it's eyes. They hear it inside their mind, hearing its thoughts like their own. They feel its feelings as they would their own. When your consciousness is merged with anything you're trying to tune into, begin to trust these inner thoughts, visions and feelings. This is how you see, feel and hear psychically. When you're meditating, stop trying to 'see' and just experience. You won't be IN the meditation. You will become the energy of the meditation! Enjoy the different perspectives of those things you tune into. Enjoy the blessings of your profound way of connecting with the world.

Empathic Resonance

What is This Gift?
When you are in rapport with another human being, you may say that you 'resonate with them'. From an energetic point of view, the two of you have frequencies of energy, which are moving in a very similar pattern. They are not in discord and therefore the two of you really are 'resonating'. When we measure our frequency, these waves of energy we exude, look very similar to the way a heart monitor in a hospital works. You've probably seen one of these on tv.

Imagine the pictures below are two people's energy rhythms. In the picture below, the person at the top has a very small range of extension and their line is nearly flat. This wave line is what a person who has just begun their spiritual development, may look like. Their frequency has limited reach into the Universe. The line below this has a much higher and lower reach. It spans more energetic frequencies. This person has more awareness. When the two lines go together, their frequencies do not match. If one of these people met the other, they would most probably not like each other right away!

Not resonating

If the two people represented by the lines in the picture below met, they would feel instant rapport, for no apparent reason. This is because they are naturally resonating at the same level of frequency (similar highs and lows on their lines) and they'd unconsciously feel that resonation. They'd like each other immediately. We've all had that feeling at one stage or another with a person we've met.


Understanding energy resonation is something, which is really important. The world is filled with many different kinds of people, some of them are travelling along the same path as you, others are not. As teachers or professional Lightworkers, we have to be able to do the technique I'm about to teach you, all the time. Imagine a teacher's frequency. How much more awareness do you think your teachers have? Imagine their wave patterns for a moment. They'd be very high and reach really low. A teacher needs this level of awareness. They can't have the reaction of not liking everyone they meet, otherwise they couldn't help anyone. So how do they choose to create resonation with others?

We can choose to resonate with other things around us. When we do this, as Tele-Empaths, we do not take on their energy, we simply become aware of how they see things. When a student comes to a teacher, they are in essence asking to be taught. A teacher needs to 'see where they are at' before they can help them move forward and therefore has their permission to do the following exercise. If someone asked you to become aware of how they see things, you may choose to do this exercise. If you don't feel you have the physical persons permission, ask to do this exercise with the persons Higher Self. Never do any of these exercises without a person's permission.

You can get very creative with this gift. Why not have a chat with a sick organ in your body or in a patients, if you're a healer. You might try it on your Higher Self to see how you will evolve or resonate more with your ideal, most open, awareness. You and your partner (if both Tele-Empaths) may decide to try it while lovemaking, to help you really get in touch with each other. How you use this gift is up to your imagination. Remember always to consider free will. If someone doesn't want you to know their deepest feelings or see the world through their eyes, respect their free will and right to privacy. Never infringe on anothers rights, this act is against sacred universal law. Don't be a psychic 'peeping tom', it will ALWAYS come back to you threefold!

So we can take our Tele-Empathic ability to receive energy from other things and then change our 'resonation patterns' with things to connect with them. Once connected, we can fully understand their point of reference in the world. One of my favourite ways of doing this process, is by connecting with animals or nature. As you're practising this gift, it is a great idea to start with animals or nature, because their energy is so pure and no doubt will be easier to resonate with. They are also very 'open' and unhindered forms of consciousness.

It is important not to take the energy of the person, thing or place into yours, but to intend, just to observe it. It is only the spiritual layer of your Auric field which needs to resonate with theirs, for you to achieve this gifts blessings. You may visualise the Auric Supercharging before beginning the process and then be aware that your spiritual layer of your Aura is hooked into theirs for the time of the exercise. As you are connected, the spiritual layer of your Aura feeds through the other persons normal thoughts or emotions. You feel what they feel, think what they think. When you consciously disconnect, then your Spiritual layers become separate and you no longer feel their thoughts or feelings, It is very important to disconnect at the end, as you can imagine.

How Do I Develop it Further?
Practise with your pets. (If you don't have a pet, use a plant.) Ask them for their permission and to help you. If they do not want to help, they will leave the space. Pets sometimes don't want to chat, so if they don't want to do the exercise with you, try again another time.

1. Sit together in a way that allows both of you to be comfortable. If possible, be able to see your pets face and eyes. Direct eye contact is wonderful for this experiment.
2. Breathe into your body and relax. Let each out-breath help you relax more.
3. Love helps open the door to spiritual connections and removes any barriers we hold with each other. Think about your pet and how much you adore them. Think about how much you love them. Let the loving feelings open up inside of you. As you do this, you will feel like the energy field of your pet and yours are connecting. You'll feel close to your pet and as though you are 'bonded' together.
4. As your feelings blend together, just let go of your mind and analysing. Just notice how you feel. What you're feeling, are your pet's feelings.
5. Sit there together, connected, until your focus drifts. Thank your pet for helping you and for sharing.
6. Consciously visualise your Auras like two eggs that were one, separating again.

This exercise should leave you feeling full and uplifted. If it ever leaves you feeling toxic, then do some Auric Supercharging and consciously do step 6 above.

How Can I Learn More?
This gift is always explored and developed in various ways, in our level 1 & 2 Development Classes. You can also learn to work with this and more advanced relationship processes in my Womens Business and Mens Business online classes. I'm also releasing another online class for Tele-Empaths to focus on developing their gifts more intensely. Check out the Master Your Tele-Empathic Gifts online class if you'd like to learn more.

Geopathic Awareness

What is This Gift?
This gift allows you to feel into the 4th dimension to become aware of what Global Consciousness is up to and to see how the Earth Mother is coping with everything. Remember we spoke about the earth level astral plane, which is normally between surface level to 200kms below us? Wouldn't it be nice to be aware of when your feelings, do not belong to you and are just part of Global Consciousness. Even nicer, wouldn't it be wonderful to be a pro-active spiritual being who helps, when the Earth Mother needs it? You can make a difference and help the world by being Geopathically Conscious

How Do I Develop it Further?
I'm going to give you a map to visualise this one. Feel free to vary from it as you gain expertise, but please ensure you maintain a grounded anchor of some kind, before attempting the exercise.

1. Allow your Central Channel to connect right down to the Centre of the Earth. Really anchor right into the earth's core, where only the purest light is present. Enjoy this feeling of connection.
2. Take a moment to visualise the connection between you and the earth. See it like a large column of light. It travels from the centre of your body and your central channel, down through the layers of soil, rock, molten lava and into the crystal core of the earth. See this in your mind.
3. Your body has stayed on the surface of the earth, but your eyes are able to change what they are looking at. Think of the column of light as an elevator your eyes can travel down through, to look at how things are in the earth. Let your eyes wander through the column of light between you and the earth and see what they see. Once they have seen all they need to, visualise them coming back to you and sitting within you as normal.
4. Your feelings can travel this elevator too. Imagine your feelings are a sponge, which you can take out from the centre of your stomach area. Let this sponge travel down in the column of light. What is it soaking in from different places? Ring out the sponge so it is free of what it has soaked up and replace it into your stomach area, when you're done feeling.
5. Imagine your Central Channel is plugged into the highest point of light in the Universe you can reach. You may imagine it tapped into a star, the sun or the moon. As you breathe in, see this light washing through your connection to the earth, right to the centre. As the energy travels into the centre, see it washing out from the earth's core like a ripple of light, bringing light to heal any darkness within the earth.
6. As you're ready, breathe into your body. Stay grounded to the earth's core, but choose to become less aware of the state of the earth. Become more aware of your own body and complete the process.

One of my favourite methods for this, which allows me to get more specific information about how the earth feels, is using my body's 'symtoms' to show me. When I am connected to the Earth Mother's consciousness, I stay aware of my body, as I allow myself to be fully conscious of how the Earth is. This is a bit like having your eyes in two places at once! Or extending your Aura around the earth, so you and Her are one. Then, I ask Gaia Terra, 'how are you today my sister?' I get a feeling in my body. Sometimes it is open and free, meaning she is all-well. Sometimes it is not pleasant and feels like a toxic liver or a heart palpitation. I am very familiar with what these things feel like in the body. If you are a healer you may be too. I also know why these conditions occur. If you weren't too sure, you could then go and look up Pure Spirit Volume 3 and see what that ailment means. This would tell you how Mother Earth is, exactly! It would also tell you what kind of energy to channel through to help Her.

I don't think people really understand how important the earth is. If the earth is thrown out of balance because of us, we could all die! Hello! Is anybody listening!!! LOL Learning how to be sensitive to geopathic stress and helping to bring Universal Light to Mother Earth when you can, is a profound way to contribute to the world.

How Can I Learn More?
Come along to our Free Summer Unity Circles in Sydney. Plus practise! For our Development Class students... in almost every Development Class, you connect to the earth. Why not choose to check in briefly for a moment when you're doing this?

Telepathic Resonance

What is This Gift?
Like Empathic Resonance, here we are sharing energy, but we maintain thought connections with another rather than just feeling connections. You can do this with pets, friends, lovers, children, plants – whomever gives you their permission. Another essential thing to practise this gift, is that you have no thought related clutter about the person in your own mind! This gift is hard to practise with those people close to you, who you probably have many opinions about. Your own personal thoughts about them will get in the way.

You can use this ability for some interesting explorations in personal development. For example, you might choose to telepathically resonate with your Higher Self! You might like to think like an Angel for a while! Perhaps you might like to take a walk on the wild side and see how the other sex lives! Many years ago I asked for this one. I used the method I'm giving you below to connect into the consciousness of all men. I wanted to better understand my partner at the time and also to become aware of how to best help my male students and clients. For three months straight I telepathically resonated with the consciousness of men. I thought like a man, felt like a man and inside myself had every experience men do. My guides helped me into a full sensory experience of the other sex. It was truly fascinating and has helped me beyond belief, to understand men more fully. An interesting life experiment for any human being!

Most people couldn't hang onto an intention like this and live normally for three months, so that one might take a lot of practise, but even a small glimpse of how something thinks, can be fascinating. Imagine connecting into the consciousness of all Ascended Masters, Light Beings, God/dess, all awakened beings here on earth, all animals on earth, Mother Nature… the possibilities are endless! Use your imagination!

How Do I Develop it Further?
One of my favourite ways to start practising this, is with crystals. Did you know that each crystal has a conscious awareness? You could think of this consciousness like a tiny little Spirit Guide, who lives in each crystal. Crystals are pure energies from the Earth. They contain the maximum, concentrated amount of positive energy from the Earth. They only get toxic when they have been helping us a lot and have not had time to cleanse themselves, by being reconnected with the Earth again. Sometimes they need a break from us! Please make sure you choose a crystal that feels right to work with and ensure it has recently been cleansed.

1. Hold the crystal in your passive hand.
2. Relax your mind by breathing, each out-breath, allowing you to become more relaxed.
3. Look at the crystal. Notice its beauty. Really begin to appreciate how wonderful and special it is. When you feel your energy expand and open, you will know you're beginning to telepathically resonate with the crystal. It has opened its energy to you.
4. Have a conversation with the crystal. It will reply as thoughts in your mind. Notice where these thoughts come from. They do not originate inside your head. They come in, from behind your head, through the back of your Third Eye.
5. Don't maintain the connection for too long to start with, build up your telepathic 'muscles' slowly over time.
6. Thank the crystal for working with you and consciously visualise your Auras like two eggs that were one, separating again.

How Can I Learn More?
We run many crystal classes at the Centre. We cover more about telepathic resonance in our level 5 and 6 Development Classes. Also try the Master Your Tele-Empathic Gifts online class, if you'd like to learn more about developing this gift.

Multi-Dimensional Mediums

What is This Gift?
Multi-Dimensional Mediums have the ability to reach beyond the 21st dimension and download knowledge, information wisdom, adventures and good times from the many different Interstellar Light Beings from across the Universe! Sounds like a bit like star trek huh!

These Light Beings communicate telepathically with a very specific thought frequency or wave, which is very difficult for most mediums to pick up. Your spiritual 'antennae' need to be very fine-tuned, to be able to pick up this frequency.

Tele-Empaths have the added advantage at this stage of mediumistic inquiry. As they reach level 4 Development Classes and above, I watch the Tele-Empaths find the techniques I am teaching them become very easy, where students with other gifts struggle more.

You see in the beginning of developing ones gifts, a Tele-Empath finds it all very confusing. This is because they don't see, feel or hear in the same way other students do. Everything happens within them, because they are one with the energy they are working with. Visions during meditation become total sensory experiences rather than just something they're looking at. When a teacher asks, what did you 'see'?, a Tele-Empath normally doesn't know how to answer. After all it doesn't feel like they 'saw' anything, in terms of 'looking at it'.

Tele-Empaths know what is in the vision, because they are the vision. They hear words inside their own head, as if they are thinking them. They are the experience. They are not merely just watching it. If their feelings are confused, as they work through distinguishing what is theirs and what is others energy and they gain clarity with this, as you are doing right now through this class, they start to become more aware and trust their gifts. As this happens a whole new Universe opens up for Tele-Empaths.

As they reach into the realms of Light with many new Interstellar Star Beings to enjoy the company of, they begin to merge with the consciousness of these beings. At this level of awareness the Universal Beings are aware of Oneness. They are quite happy to blend with you, share with you a thing or two and then go back to what they were doing. It is often at this stage that Channelling and Trance Mediumship begin to call the willing Tele-Empath. They become one with the Universe and experience some amazing times, playing in the Light.

People that are not specialising in communication with Interstellar Star Beings do not normally reach this level of the Universe. Most mediums today, have a specialty. Some people work with Past Over Loved Ones who are still very close to our dimension and normally are in the 5th dimension. Others work with the fairy realm, 6th dimension. Some work with the Angels in the 7th dimension. Tele-Empaths generally work with knowledge beyond the 21st dimension. Working with Light Beings feels very natural to them. Working with Past Over Loved Ones often doesn't feel right for them, as these vibrations may feel 'heavy' to them. As I said all mediums have a speciality. Each medium has a special set of gifts to share the light, the way they were meant to. No path is better than another. All are equally special in their different ways.

In my journey I have had the pleasure of experiencing working with all kinds of Light Beings, Passed Over Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, Angels, Elementals, Fairies etc. I love working with Interstellar Star Beings the best. Their wisdom is far beyond anything else I've ever come across and they frequently 'blow my mind' – that's pretty hard to do these days!!! LOL

How Do I Develop it Further?
I'm going to give you access to a download this week. It is a recording of a class I did many years ago. It guides you through setting up a Medicine Wheel. This is one of the first steps in Multi-Dimensional Mediumship, as we need to ground much more deeply before we can go further 'up' into the Universe. Please try and use this yummy meditation to bring yourself healing and connection to the Oneness in the Universe and in yourself, whenever you need it. Used often, it will begin to open your Multi-Dimensional mediumistic capabilities. You'll need to know where the directions for North, South, East and West are in the room, before you begin.

How Can I Learn More?
Channelling and Trance Mediumship when ready. Introduction to Multi-Dimensional Mediumship and then our level 4, 5 and 6 Development Classes. Also try the Master Your Tele-Empathic Gifts online class if you'd like to explore activating Multi-Dimensional Mediumship, specifically for Tele-Empaths.

Channel for Information

What is This Gift?
Imagine being able to obtain information the answer to any question you ever wanted to know the answer for! That is the power of channelling! No matter what questions you have, the Universe has an answer!

How Do I Develop it Further?
The information that comes to you arrives through your open psychic centres. In order for these to be as open as they can and for you to interpret the information you receive, you need to have very clear psychic abilities.

You need to spend much time understanding your psychic language and interpreting the visions, sounds, feelings, tastes and senses that are stimulated for you and what they mean. Many students try and rush this part and rush into mediumship training. After watching years of students, I can tell you the ones who rush, struggle and get far less later on in terms of mediumship. Slow down and allow yourself to really enhance your psychic awareness. It is the key to opening all future doors.

What do I mean by this? Well for a start. If you answer the following questions with yes, undoubtedly, then you should be doing mediumship training. If not, then you shouldn't quite yet.
1. Are your psychic visions at least 90% accurate all the time?
2. If a person off the street asked you for a clairvoyant vision on the spot, could you get one?
3. Can you tell me which of the organs in your body is most vital right now?
4. Can you hear the sound a cloud makes as it floats across the sky?

Before you can begin channelling training, you must develop your senses so you can listen, feel, taste, hear, sense and see everything psychically. You want to experience the absolute totality of a moment. Tele-empaths again have an advantage. You can resonate with something, so this is easier for you. All you need to do is stop long enough to have that moment. Try this experiment to begin opening your channelling gifts. You'll need to go out in nature, somewhere where you will not be disturbed, for at least 1 hour. Seat yourself comfortably.

1. Look around at the environment you're in. Find a tree. Gaze upon it.
2. Notice the colour of its trunk. See how the shadows from the texture of its trunk create different shades of light on the trunk. Notice the variety of light and dark shades on the trunk.
3. Look at the texture of the trunk. Imagine how it would feel on your skin to touch it. Imagine touching it with the back and front of your hand. How would each side feel different?
4. Imagine the taste of the trunk. If you licked it, what would its flavour be like?
5. Imagine smelling the bark. What does it smell like?
6. Does the bark have a sound?
7. Watch how the roots and branches shape the trunk. See the shape of the trunk.
8. Look at the roots now. Imagine the ones you can't see beneath the ground. How did this tree grow? Imagine it growing from a simple seed.
9. Feel the water in the earth, as the roots soak them in. What does it taste like?
10. What is the temperature in the earth, around the roots?
11. How does it feel to be a root in the earth, warm and cosy in the darkness surrounded by soft soil?
12. How deep do the roots grow? What directions do they grow in?
13. What colour are the roots beneath the Soil?
14. What shape are the roots? Are they different shapes?
15. What do the roots smell like?
16. If the roots had senses on their edges, like we have tastebuds on our tongue, what would they feel around them in the earth?
17. Follow your feelings up the trunk to the branches. Feel the expansion, as you allow yourself to experience the tree's joy, at 'branching out'!
18. Notice how the tree is just like a person's body with many arms and legs. Imagine the tree's branches like your own arms.
19. How do your leaves feel as they blow in the wind?
20. Look at the different colours of the leaves. How many different shades of colour do they have?
21. Do the leaves weigh different amounts?
22. How do the leaves feel as they soak in the sunshine?
23. How does the warmth of the sun contrast the feeling of the roots in the earth?
24. Imagine touching the leaves, how does their texture feel different to the trunk? And to the roots?
25. Imagine the branches themselves are like tiny and large antennae. What do they hear from the world around them?
26. How do the branches feel as the wind flows around them?
27. Can you feel the lifeforce of the tree? Does it have a Soul?
28. Can you speak to this Soul? What does it say?

As you're ready, take all of your awareness back into your body. 'Bringing your awareness back', simply means being as aware of your body, as you were of the tree. It takes your awareness, attention or focus back into you.

This exercise allows you to have a full sensory experience of the tree. If you allow yourself to do this exercise for 1 hour, you will have a more ecstatic experience than you can imagine. By connecting in with the tree's energy, you are channelling it into your being. For a while you will become one with it's wisdom. The same is true for Interstellar Star Beings, but you must have to have full awareness of something – like in the 28 points above I have suggested above. This is why your psychic abilities are so important.

How Can I Learn More?
Try the Channelling Intensive and Reiki. Learn About Light Beings. Master Your Tele-Empathic Gifts

Trance Mediums

What is This Gift?
In the example above you connected in with the tree's Soul. In some way you were sharing its energy with your own. If you've actually done this exercise, understanding what I'm going to say about trance, will make much more sense.

Imagine a person in life, who you think has more awareness or understanding than you do. Perhaps you might imagine a guru or a teacher or someone famous like the Dalai Lama. Imagine sharing their mind for a moment, so you can think their thoughts and experience everything from their perspective.

In trance, instead of us creating a resonance, where we step into another person's consciousness, we allow ourselves to accept the consciousness of a Light Being into ours, for a short time. As they blend with us, we experience everything from their expanded perspective. We experience ecstatic states of being, where we are like them, totally at one with the Universe. We see through their eyes, think through their mind and understand for a short while, all they understand. Imagine!

How Do I Develop it Further?
You may have already experienced the first step of trance mediumship in some way, in your meditations. Have you ever been completely knocked out in a meditation? Can't remember a thing? This is where your Guides have taken your awareness and switched you off for a short while, to integrate new knowledge. In essence your Spirit pops home for a little while and your Guide watches over your body for you. They use their presence to hold the space for you until you get back.

Another example is when you're meditating and you begin to feel like you are taller than you are or perhaps you feel like someone is sitting in you. You may have also had the experience of your fingers being very long when you're giving a healing. This is your Guide giving you about 1-5% of their total consciousness and 'Overshadowing' you. If you have had these experiences, when you feel ready work with trance. You're Guides are already preparing you.

I won't be teaching you more about how to do trance in this workshop because it is very involved and requires a channelling background prior to ensure your energy is clear enough to do full trance. To learn trance you need at least 5 modules, plus a face-to-face practicum and to have already completed 10 modules of channelling prior!

How Can I Learn More?
I will not teach students in our Trance Information workshop until they have completed the Channelling Intensive. If you'd like to start with trance, please start there. You may also like to Learn About Light Beings if you're already practising Trance, so you know more about who you are working with.

Remote Viewing

What is This Gift?
Remote Viewing is the ability to place your consciousness in another location to view something else. You are viewing this thing as if you are there, but seeing it in its energy form. When I do distance healings I can see the person I am working on. I see them in their energy form. This is remote viewing.

This is also a great gift to have when someone you love is in hospital. Years ago my beloved was in hospital with a sudden gangrene appendix and had to have his appendix out. That weekend I was teaching a Reiki Masters class. During the class I was remote viewing him at the same time I was teaching. I was able to check that the operation was going well and as planned and then remove my connection once I was sure, all was well.

You cannot do this with anyone you do not have permission to practise with! Does the person being viewed become aware of your presence watching? You bet they do! A little while ago my brother was worrying about me making the drive from Sydney to Shamballa. As I was driving I started seeing a vision of me driving into the light, the light tunnel of death! I sat back and checked in to see if the vision was coming from my Guides as a warning and it wasn't. I traced the energy trail and saw that my brother had been worrying about me because I wasn't back yet. I sent him a feeling of love and an 'I'm ok'. I noted the time. When I got home I asked him whether he was thinking about me at 7:30pm. He said he was worrying about me, because I hadn't checked in or arrived home yet.

Without realising he was doing this, he was projecting his consciousness to mine. I'm aware enough to know exactly when someone is doing this. When we remote view we project our consciousness in this way. In fact if you've ready Pure Spirit Volume 2, you'll know just how much our thoughts infuse with one another's.

Mediums use remote viewing to look inside another's consciousness. Each time we do a reading or a healer does a healing, we are viewing inside someone else's world for a moment. You do this every time you imagine another place, time or person. Practising remote viewing is also beautiful thing, in terms of exploring the Universe. Just imagine what you will see! View inside a Nebula, visit other galaxies, look at the Antarion Training Grounds or the Neptunian Mystery schools in the 7th dimension! Take a tour of the Universe, with all of it's wonders, free of charge! There is no better holiday!

How Do I Develop it Further?
You cannot practise this without the permission of the other person, so you'll need to ask a friend who is happy for you to practise on them. Perhaps if your friend is doing this class, the two of you can practise.

Arrange a time where the two of you can spend 15 minutes on this exercise. Make sure it is a time both of you are able to be calm, having had at least 15 minutes prior, to relax and balance out your energies using Auric Supercharging. Agree that one person will view first for 5 minutes. Synchronise your times, so you are beginning at the exact agreed time.

If you are the person viewing: Ground your energy with tree roots. Extend your Central Channel down into the centre of the earth. See it also going up to the Universe above you, connecting in to a source of light (sun, moon, star). Next ask your consciousness to find [name], imagine your vision extending to where they are. You might imagine you have a telescope for example. Imagine watching them for 5 minutes. Note what you see. When you are finished, imagine packing up the telescope and pull your energy back down from the Universe.

Have a break for 5 minutes and then swap over.

When you are the person receiving the viewing, notice what you feel. You will feel someone looking into your energy. You will feel the presence of something there. You will naturally feel you want to defend yourself and your energy. Relax. You don't have to. It's just your friend. Try and breathe and be as open as possible. See how the energy changes, as the person viewing enters and leaves your space. Notice how this feels and note it down.

Once you have completed the exercise once, if you both feel comfortable, try making a weekly time to do this. Do not view outside of this time and call the other person if you cannot make the time. At first you will gain images which seem abstract, but may be meaningful for the other person. Make sure you write everything down and ask your friend if what you saw means anything.

How Can I Learn More?
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Shamanic Journeying

What is This Gift?
Imagine taking a step inside someone else's world for a moment, you think as they think, feel as they feel, experience emotions, thoughts, body consciousness, spiritual awareness – everything from their perspective. Imagine you are them. This is what Shamanic Journeying allows you to do. When you realise that everything in this Universe is one, you will be able to journey into anything else and view it's reality.

This allows you to view other dimensional existences of your self, your Higher Self, your Guides, anyone else's Soul, any other place, time energy life force element - everything! Your consciousness becomes all expanded and aware. Rather than this all being random, a Shamanic Journeyer chooses where they are focusing and can return there, whenever they like. Nothing is randomly experienced, but is instead, a conscious choice. This might not make much sense for some Tele-Empaths at this stage, but trust me when you get there, you'll know what I mean!

Teachers use this to look inside others consciousness and to view multiple people's consciousness at once. If you're considering a teaching path this will be an important skill, as you cannot teach without it.

How Do I Develop it Further?
Shamanic Journeying is a natural step after all of your other gifts are aware and open. It happens very naturally as you are open to the total experience of the moment, when you are present, completely. I can't teach you how to shamanic journey without many other steps prior, but I can teach you one of the fundamentals to being able to journey and that is total presence. Remember the tree exercise above. In this experience you are totally present with the tree. Try doing the same thing for yourself, perhaps in front of a mirror.

Start by saying "I AM" and then see what comes next. Ideas, feelings or body sensations will flow out of your mouth. Here is an example of me doing this for about 30 seconds E.g.
I AM tired
I AM tight
I AM joyous
I AM smiling
I AM happy
I AM peaceful
I AM enriched
I AM comfortable
I AM tight
I AM global
I AM angry
I AM the world
I AM not
I AM calm
I AM enriched
I AM a cloud
I AM floating
I AM all
I AM tiny
I AM a dot
I AM a spec

You might explore feelings, thoughts, body experiences and eventually you'll get to a place where you are everything and nothing. You'll know what I mean when you get there! As you arrive at this place, you are totally present. Try this experience, which normally takes about 5 minutes when you can be totally alone. How are you in that moment? I AM...

How Can I Learn More?
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When will these gifts develop?
You'll notice I have the gifts listed in order of difficulty. They will not all be in your current awareness right now. Parts of each gift may already be with you. Develop them as it feels right for you.

As the last part of the class, I'm going to give you a very special meditation to Centre yourself and anchor you for the beginnings of Multi-Dimensional awareness. This journey is also a really great way to recreate the boundaries of your energy when you have been imposted very badly. Enjoy the bliss of this meditation as you are ready.

As you continue on after the class, please work with the techniques I've shared with you. They will change your life, but only if you choose to use them. Your class will always be accessible to you, so feel free to review the notes as you need to, in the future.

As I said in the very beginning, once you get past the protection and learn to manage your energy, being a Tele-Empath is the most beautiful gift in the Universe. Look after yourself and enjoy the blessings of your gifts.

Remember where you started! Revisit that journal and see how far you've come, what you've realised, how you've grown. I congratulate you on the courage to complete this class. You have given yourself a great gift in honouring your sacred self.

I always love to hear from students who have finished the process, we go through in this class and I love to hear from them as their lives improve using the techniques from the class, so if you have any feedback you care to share, please pass this on now or in the future. If you meet other Tele-Empaths out there who are suffering, send them along to this class and help them find the same wisdom you now have, to feel better.

Well that's it from me for now. I hope this class enriches your life and brings you all of the beautiful blessings of your wonderful gifts. I'll see some of you in cyber space for another class at another time!

Remember to always, relax & enjoy!


Don't forget to return to and download the guided meditation that comes with this file! Search for the product and then click the 'download' tab, which you will only see, when you are logged in to the web site. Relax & Enjoy!

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