Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths - Part 4

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 3 Review

In the last module we explored grounding and how much it can positively affect a Tele-Empath's energy. If you tried the exercise often, you would have noticed a dramatic difference in your body's energy. When we are grounded we often experience emotional changes within ourselves. We feel stronger and more secure. Grounding and staying aware if you are not, is a very important practise as a Tele-Empath.

If you combined this with a few changes to your environment, you probably noticed joy was with you for most of the week. As you use these tools, you'll start to notice your levels of bliss increasing.

I hope you got a chance to watch Yes Man since the last module. Although it is a funny movie, it is quite a deep and meaningful concept for most Tele-Empath's. Let me explain what I mean.

Everyday Living as a Tele-Empath

In the beginning of the movie Jim Carey was absolutely miserable. He was letting life pass him by, because he didn't want to be involved in life. He said no to everything. He rejected or defensively refused invitations to enjoy life.

A great many Tele-Empaths do this every day. Their mind, emotions and body remember all of the pain they have felt physically, emotionally and mentally when connecting with the tribe around them. Every time they've visited a shopping mall, gone to a pub or a party, this Tele-Empath may have linked up massive pain to the experience - after coming home with headaches, feeling fatigued and feeling mentally exhausted. If you know what I mean by this, then your mind may well have been just like Jim Carey in the movie. It may have been trying to protect you from more harm by helping you avoid life and all that has harmed you in the past.

Armed with your new understanding, it's time to join life again. It's now safe to join life again. You saw what happened to Jim Carey when this happened in the movie, all of a sudden life was full and rich again. Life is this beautiful. It's time to let yourself enjoy it.

For most Tele-Empaths something really painful begins to happen as their energy slowly shuts down over time. Lets see if this is part of your story… Can you remember when you were younger, perhaps when you were 'young and stupid' as we like to say, before you knew about the world and knew yourself as well as you do now? Think back to this time. Can you remember that you were more motivated, achieved your goals easily and were a power-house of energy and inspiration? And yet if you think back, over the time of deepening your knowledge of yourself, it may have become harder to make decisions. You may have also put on weight, become less motivated and found your goals harder to achieve? A lot of Tele-Empaths find this to be the case. The more sensitive they become to energy, the more they pull away from the world.

As a Tele-Empath shuts off their ability to receive, they stop drawing energy to themselves. Their vital organs and central nervous system do not receive enough energy as a result. They crave sugar, find they can't get a buzz, so they may eat more. Their metabolism slows. Their organs begin to hold dis-ease and perhaps even physical unwellness. Their chi goes haywire and their ability to manifest diminishes to a dismal nothing. Then they can't manifest anymore. Through a serious of trying things and failing, because they do not feel energised enough, a Tele-Empath may then find it hard to a) get the motivation and b) manifest anything. Their sense of personal power and self worth evaporates. Why does this happen?

The Universe responds to our every thought and feeling. We are constantly sending out 'energy information' all the time. These thoughts and feelings ripple out into the world like the way water ripples out on a pond.

Your Guides then try and send ripples of energy back to you. These ripples contain the opportunities and synchronistic experiences, which will help you manifest your goals.

When someone is open to receiving, the energy of these 'return ripples' from the Universe flows back to them unhindered. You receive the ripples of possibility from the Universe and you respond by accepting them because you are open to receiving. This is something you've probably experienced in your life before. You might have felt like everything is going your way, everything you need or want is coming to you easily. You're manifesting really easily and abundance in all of its forms is flowing to you. Energetically your connection to the Universe when you're in one of these phases is just like the picture below. You're receiving everything you've requested from the abundance in the Universe. The Universal Guides and energy want to help you. They want you to have all you desire. All you need to do is open up and receive it when it comes your way.

When you are not able to receive, the ripples sent back to you, bounce off. They never get to you. All of a sudden you find your life is not quite the way you want it. The things you dream about – a new job, better pay, more great friends, a fabulous love life – all of these things are just out of your reach. The Universe is trying to send them to you, but your defensive energy rejects them.

As you continue to move in this life cycle, your life does not become better, it gets worse. Alienated, under energised and lacking in the things your heart desires, you start to see the world as a very dull place.

If you're a spiritual student, you may then become frustrated with your Guides, because you think they are not bringing you what you're asking for. They are, they just can't get these things to you, because you're not allowing yourself to receive.

I've emphasized the pattern here a little, but I really want to get this point across. One of the most important things for all Tele-Empaths to focus on is to start receiving again.

Receiving from others is going to be very scary and uncomfortable in the beginning, just like it was for Jim in the movie, but once you get started, you will put your life into a momentous forward movement, which just keeps getting better.

You may have feelings of fear come up around sharing your energy with others. This is perfectly natural. Acknowledge these feelings, but choose to move beyond them and do it anyway. When you're invited somewhere and your reaction is no, notice your resistance and say yes anyway.

How Do You Receive?
Here are some ideas:
1. Look at other people in public. Make eye contact and smile. This creates an exchange of energy.

2. Call someone you think might be nice and invite them out for a lunch/ chat.

3. Look at your body in the mirror naked every day. Admire yourself rather than looking at what you don't like.

4. Develop a ritual of self care:-
a. Eat when you are hungry at the very moment you notice hunger pains.
b. Go to the toilet the minute you notice you need to
c. Drink water every time you think you are a little thirsty
d. Eat good food like vegetables, fruit and water. These are what your body needs. Love yourself. Love your body. Eat well because you want to receive the energy of these positive life-force foods inside you.

5. Say yes to everything offered to you.

6. Say thank you and nothing more, to every compliment you get.

7. Have a massage/ healing or something else delicious every week.

8. Give yourself a foot rub with moisturizer or essential oils.

9. Take 5 minutes out every single day just for you, to do something little to pamper yourself.

10. Make love to your partner every day. Especially for women, sex is a sacred spiritual act of receiving.

11. Take a bath and give your whole body an exfoliating scrub or do anything else nurturing for your skin. Your skin is the organ of your body linked to your Solar Plexus Chakra. By nurturing it, we are in essence helping our Self to receive.

12. Give yourself an extra 5 minutes every day and do something special, to make yourself feel you look great.

13. When you eat your food honour your body by just eating the food. Sit down to eat and let your mind rest and be quiet while you enjoy the taste, texture, smell, feeling, flavour, energy, colour and look of your food. Indulge yourself in a full sensory experience with your food! Receive all of its nourishment and vitality.

14. Look after your body. Keep it maintained, fit and healthy. Don't do this because you judge the way you look or want to look a different way, Do it because you love your body and you want to nurture it and do what is good for it.

15. Spend 15 minutes playing with your pet. They love to give and receive energy and are very good teachers. Just look at the way your dog or cat rolls over for that special scratch on the belly! They are always saying 'yes please'!

16. Listen to music or do something else you enjoy, while doing mundane tasks.

17. Go out in nature and lie down on your back. Feel Mother Earth's energy flowing into you. Receive and say thank you.

When you're feeling ready, test yourself and try these!

18. When at the shopping centre, Auric Supercharge and enjoy sharing the energy with others. Let their energy come into you, knowing that you will cleanse yourself as you walk around.

19. Seek out the angriest person you can find. Stand next to them. Auric Supercharge, receive their energy into you and cleanse it away.

20. Visit with a person who you know always gets in your energy. Auric Supercharge while with them. Receive their negative energy, cleanse them away, as you are with them. Do this over and over on many occasions until you leave their company energetically positive.

21. Go to the local pub or a party. Be around people who are drinking, but don't drink yourself. Enjoy the free drunk-ish feeling you soak in! Auric Supercharge. Be aware of what is their energy and yours. Continue to move their energy through and out of yours, while you are there. Keep going out to places like this until you don't take their hangovers or the 'drunk feeling' with you. Once you leave the party, you should feel normal again.

Inviting New Experiences
Your life up until this point has been one way, but right now you hold within yourself the power to change your experience. You can choose to transform your life into an adventure right now. Try everything you get invited to, which is new and something you have never experienced before. Watch the richness of your life grow,

Good Days & Bad Days
As a Tele-Empath you are going to have good days and bad days. Life is not perfect and neither are you. Our own imperfection is what makes us beautiful and gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning – so we can improve ourselves.

As you set up some of these energetic patterns I've been teaching you, you are going to be working hard on improving yourself. These patterns, practised routinely over time, will stick with us and go on autopilot, so we don't need to focus on them as much. There will still be days when we forget or something happens which throws us off our centre. This is the nature of the human experience – to learn from everything.

When you do allow your energy to be affected by another person, place or global consciousness, you now have a host of tools to use to immediately improve the state of your energy. In this module, I'd like to begin by giving you a couple of extra tools, which will allow you to fix your energy, when it is in a really bad way.

Normal SuperchargingReverse Auric Supercharging
Remember Auric Supercharging from Module 2? You breathe through your Aura so that Earth energy flows up the back and Universal energy down the front. If you do this process in reverse, so Universal energy flows down the back and Earth energy flows up the front what happens? Take a moment now to visualise it. Do the breathing. Try it and see!

Have you ever rubbed a cats fur up the wrong way? If you have a very dusty cat who likes laying on the earth, like one of mine does, you'll notice that all of the dirt falls out of the deepest layers of their fur, when you gently brush it the wrong way. The same happens to our energy field. The deepest levels of grime and negativity fall out.

If you feel very congested, try breathing about 3 –5 breaths up the front and down the back and notice how much gunk falls out of your energy. Then, always complete by doing 3-5 breaths up the back and down the front to get your energy flowing again.

Gratitude is more healing than most people realise. Whenever you have taken on the negativity from a shopping mall or a mentally or emotionally negative draining situation, try this. Take about half an hour and write down at least 100 things you are grateful for in your life right now. Think about how blessed you are because of the people, situations and experiences in your life. Spend a moment thinking about each one. You're energy will be instantly transformed.

As a Tele-Empath focusing on what we have to be grateful for, draws more positive energies and experiences to us, which we will in turn, be grateful for!

The most healing power in the Universe is love. Universal Love binds all things together and disconnects us from hate, fear, greed, jealously and anger. When you are reminded of gratitude, you invite Universal Love to wash upon you. Your heart is filled with joy and you immediately reverse any negativity you are attracting.

This is a very powerful tool when you feel as though you are psychically attacked or receiving negativity from a particular person. All negativity is transformed through the healing powers of love and gratitude and nothing can hold onto your energy or become stuck in it, when it is surrounded with the freeing vibrations of love.

Understand Your Motivations for Giving
It is important to understand something else in relation to giving and receiving. If you are getting something out of giving so much and you stop yourself from giving, and start receiving, you may find some uncomfortable feelings come up.

I know a lot of Lightworkers are attracted to this class, so if you're a healer or in a helping profession, you might be able to relate to this example.

Most Lightworkers are drawn to be of service, because it feels great to give. When they are able to help someone else, they get something back in return. Perhaps it is a feeling, they have done something really worthwhile. Possibly they feel uplifted, by the attention their clients give them. When their clients say something like 'wow that was fantastic, you're so wonderful and talented', it feels good to hear these kinds of things.

For most long-term Lightworkers an interesting thing happens after a while. They start to need this feedback. They have linked so many good feelings to their work, that they crave these feelings and therefore work too much. They forget how much they have identified with the praise they receive. They may begin to crave validation from outside of themselves.

If this Tele-Empath was doing this class, they may for example decide to take a week off work to receive as part of their life experiments with the class material. When they had this week off work, they would feel terrible. Perhaps they may think they 'should' be working. Perhaps they may crave going back to work, because they unconsciously miss the praise and feeling worthwhile. They may or may not be aware of this.

In this example, the Lightworker is receiving something really powerful by giving. They are receiving validation that they are ok, that what they are doing is worthwhile and that they are a fantastic, capable, amazing person.

If you are choosing to give, then it is important to understand, completely, what you are receiving. In the example above, if this Lightworker was aware and took a holiday. They might remind themselves, they don't have to work to be a fantastic person. It is just who they are.

Think about the places in your life where you give a lot. Think about the people you choose to give to. Why do you do it? What are your true motivations for giving so much? What do you get back in return?

If you're a giving 'junkie' and give to everyone and everything, ask yourself what do I get out of this?

Identify where you are choosing to give and why you are choosing to give – because of what you get back. There is not a single thing in your life you are giving to, which does not give back something valuable to you.

There is not a single human being on earth who gives just out of the 'goodness of their heart'. They might give because it gives them a good feeling in their heart, but they are still getting something very valuable back - a good feeling in their heart! There is never no exchange of energy.

As Tele-Empaths we must make choices about what we give to, ensuring that what is returned is always equal, so understanding what you are receiving is very important.

If we rely on anything for consistent energy, it will stop us from growing. As in the example above, an unaware Lightworker will not be able to stay away from work for long! They will also probably work themselves to death. Don't let your cravings for validation rule you and force you to continue giving. Understand them and take away their hold on you. This will help you to find the balance of giving and receiving you need in all relationships. It will also help you to consciously receive energy from others. This will help with your everyday life, both with psychic protection and your general enjoyment of life.

I want to give you a personal example of just how powerful this concept can be for your life. Many years ago I was guided to take 3 months off work. I normally teach, heal and perform readings for people between 80 to 100 hours a week. That's a lot of validation! When I took this time off, I was very tired. I seemed to have lost a lot of my motivation for helping others and I was feeling as though I was not getting back as much, as I was giving. I was pretty psychically burnt out and was suffering from Tele-Empathic Residue Sickness.

For the first month of my time off, I kept feeling very guilty because I was not working. At first, I felt at the time that I had been given these amazing gifts and I was not using them. This was my mind trying to get me to go back to work and distracting me from the deeper concepts arising. Over time I explored myself more deeply. I wanted to know why I was tired and I asked Spirit to teach me how I could maintain my energy within my work more. Spirit helped me to go deep within, right to the core of these feelings for the first month, before they gave me any answers.

I acknowledged how tired I was. I found that beneath the guilt, my work was also linked to my sense of self-esteem. I received so much personal validation from my clients and students, I felt empty without this. I realised that the feedback I got was feeding my ego a lot! When I wasn't receiving this feedback, I was left with no sense of self-worth. I realised this was quite a problem! I had never intended to become co-dependant on my work for energy. At the same time though, my work was draining my energy. I was absolutely exhausted! I wanted to understand this energetic pattern I had created.

Spirit guided me to inquire within myself as to why I was doing this kind of work. The first realisation I had was that it made me feel good too. I was getting a lot back from my clients and students. More than I was ever aware of. They showed me how powerful I was. I realised relying on anyone else for my own sense of validation was a big problem and I committed to finding my sense of power in other ways, while acknowledging this was one way I received my sense of self worth.

When I looked deeper into why I was doing this work, I realised it was much bigger than that. I didn't want my life to be meaningless. I imagined what it meant to be immortal. I thought this would give the ultimate meaning to my life. How could my realisations live on, beyond my time? Life is so short and I felt the only way to really contribute was to leave something behind, something that people found was really meaningful. If I could do this, I would be having a 'successful' life. My own personal journey would have great meaning. I imagined people standing at my funeral and thinking about how much their lives had been changed by my influence. I imagined the wisdom I had attained, being shared for many generations of families and others lives.

When I realised this, I could see then that each of my clients and students was helping my to live my dream, to have more meaning and depth to my life. They were giving me a great gift and allowing me to achieve my hearts desires by allowing me the honour of helping them.

When I went back to work I was never sick or lacking in energy again. I released my first book and began making spiritual tools, which allowed people to continue their learning and evolvement beyond their time with me personally. The wisdom I have been so lucky to understand, now lives on beyond me. Everyday I look forward to being of service to others, because it helps me live my purpose. They give so much to me, by allowing me to give my all, to them. Each day now, with every class I teach or person I see, they help me share something, which is so important to me, it is the very meaning of my purpose. It validates my very existence.

The shortened version of this; I now feel I receive as much as I give. I could work forever. I love it!

Contemplating these concepts for yourself and understanding why you give, right down to the reason why you're here, will help you find the meaning and wisdom of your choices to give.

What do you get from those things you feel are currently draining you? If you are in relationships with others and want to stay in them, but think you are not getting enough energy back in return, look again! What are you gaining? How can you see those relationships differently and recognise what you're receiving?

Why Giving to Others is Not Always a Good Thing!
Like I explained in Module 1, Tele-Empaths are generally very good at everything. You're most probably a very capable human being. In the past you may have noticed others coming to you and requesting your assistance for various things. They may do this directly or more subtly by asking you 'what you think' or 'what you would do'.

When you provide an answer for another human being, you drain their personal power. Put bluntly, you are hindering their own growth. Ultimately, you are stopping them from being all they can be.

Every time you give another the answer, do it for them or allow them to use your wisdom, instead of finding their own, you halt their growth and sense of self-achievement.

Doing things for others and giving your energy away, as we've already discussed, impedes your own manifestation ability. If you're not receiving back from the world around you, you never will be able to.

As a personal project this week, your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to start to recongise when people are relying on your understanding for their own journey.

Notice who asks you to do things for them. Who asks your opinion because they won't find their own? What relationships around you have this energy pattern?

As you make these changes, you may need to change some of your relationships and this is not always easy. Others may have become used to receiving from you. As you change what you give, they may feel you pulling away what was once theirs.

I challenge you to begin changing these relationship dynamics. Start responding: “I don't know, what do you think?" instead of giving answers. Begin saying no to others and making them find their own solutions. See what happens to those people you care about. Watch as they find their own solutions and feel the joy and personal power of knowing they did it all by themselves. This is the greatest gift you can allow people.

Make a commitment to yourself now, that you will only engage in equal relationships with others. Start the right way. When you meet new people, ensure there is a balance of giving and receiving for you, in your relationships with them. Doing this will pattern the way for healthy relationships and positive friendships, for a long time to come.
We've covered some deep an meaningful stuff in this Module and I hope it has left you with plenty to think about over the next week or so. Please do not go onto the next module until you have had time to:-

Do at least 1 thing from the list of 21 above each day.
Enjoy the meditation below at least 5 times. It is called "A Lightworkers Self Healing" (is approx. 25 mins) and teaches you to draw in energy from the world around you. Please notice which element is easier for you to work with and let me know in your feedback, before going onto the next module.
Had the chance to change your response to at least one friend, who you recognise is depending on you, for their own power.
Spend some time in your journal addressing what you receive from your work, relationships, friendships etc
Please maintain your daily check in morning and night from Modules 1 and 2 and notice how your energy changes as the week progresses.

Please journal your experiences and share the most profound ones or anything you have questions with in your feedback for the Module.

In the next module, we'll be beginning to explore some of the beautiful gifts available for Tele-Empaths and starting to explore the blessings of them!

I look forward to continuing our journey together in Module 5.

Don't forget to return to and download the guided meditation that comes with this file! Search for the product and then click the 'download' tab, which you will only see, when you are logged in to the web site. Relax & Enjoy!

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