Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths - Part 3

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Psychic Protection for Tele-Empaths' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 2 Review

If you spent time doing the Auric Supercharging from last week, you probably noticed your energy levels increased dramatically over the week. You may have also noticed you didn't take on as much energy from others. If you did take on energy it would have been of a more positive nature.

This meditation teaches you one of the key differences in psychic protection, where Tele-Empaths are very different to others. Whereas some people benefit from psychically shielding their energy, Tele-Empaths just draw this bubble or shield, straight back into their body within about 20 minutes. Instead of using a projection of energy to shield themselves, Tele-Empaths need to keep their energy moving. They need to take advantage of the fact they always soak in or draw energy into themselves.

Where there is positive and negative energy in an environment, or light and dark energy, only light can exist. Think about it. If you walk into a dark room and you switch on the light, all the places that light touches become light. The same is true with energy.

If a Tele-Empath takes advantage of their natural nature to draw energy in and constantly draws in pure Light energy from Universe or Earth, they will constantly be transmuting any darkness in their energy filed. It literally gets washed with light and becomes light. This is why Auric Supercharging is so important. It is something most Tele-Empath's really notice the benefit of and use often.

When to use Auric Supercharging.
Before bed every night take three breaths up and down your Aura.
When you feel emotionally toxic take 5 breaths up front and back.
Do it constantly as you are walking through a mall or other energetically dense place.
Before making love or as you're making love Tele-Empath's are normally quite aware of their partners emotions during lovemaking. If their partner is worrying about 'how they're doing' a Tele-Empath will feel this worry and become worried themselves. Auric supercharging allows Tele-Empath's to draw in Universal Love energy while making love and enhance the beauty of the process. (You can learn more about using energy to enhance all facets of your relationships in my Womens Business and Mens Business classes.)
Whenever you're around people who are in a negative state.

Simple Psychic Protection Techniques

In this module, we're going to delve into using some simple psychic protection techniques, based on what you now understand about your energy. These principles are based on the two main differences Tele-Empaths experience energetically, from others.

1. Projection or defensive energy only hinders your psychic protection.
2. You will always draw energy in from the environment around you. This is your natural gift. Rather than trying to fight it, we're now going to use it!

What is Defensive Energy?
Well, right now, your energy is naturally defensive. It tries to defend you from negativity in your environment. It does this to protect you. Your Soul's in-built protection mechanisms have probably made you avoid places where your energy has been abused in the past.

You may naturally avoid shopping malls, negative people, crowded places, being close to other people in your life all because your Soul is trying to keep you away from things that harm you.

Your first mission (if you choose to accept it!) is to say thank you to your Soul. Let it know you are very grateful it has tried to encourage you to stay away from things, which could harm you. Thank your inner wisdom for guiding you so far.

Now ask it to help you learn to live in the world, without being harmed. Charge it with the responsibility of notifying you whenever there is a 'threat' to your energy. Ask it to help you remember the psychic protection techniques you are learning. Ask for its help so you return to the world and find all of the joyful energies you can and soak only these in. Ask your Soul to bring you new empowering interactions with others. State you are ready to rejoin the world - 'with ease and grace'.

Why is this so important? Most Tele-Empath's have experienced this inner Soul defence system and may find huge resistances come up, as they experiment with these techniques.

For example, imagine you've had an over-bearing boss at work, who you're now aware, always dumps their negativity on you. If you've worked in that job for 5 years and seen that boss every day, you have been reacting defensively to protect yourself, for over 1,300 workdays. That's a lot of conditioning!

If I told you to open up and consciously receive that person's negativity, you might feel an inward fear arising. You need to recognise this. You'll also need to work through your fears about connecting with others.

How do you work with fear? Fear is an emotion of our 'Inner Child'. It emerges when we visualise something being more powerful than us. The truth is, you're in control now. Nothing can harm you, unless you allow it to. You're not going to allow it to anymore. Any fear which arises is simply old patterns, which have not yet learnt your new habits.

When you notice the fear building up inside, stop and say something inwardly to yourself like "it's ok, no one can harm me now, I'm just moving this negativity along now. I'm safe. It's ok."

Recognise fear when it approaches. Comfort your inner self. You control how your energy is affected now.

Receiving Energy & Grounding
One of the keys to being able to transmute energy, you're now going to allow yourself to receive, is staying connected to Source or Universal energies and staying 'grounded'. This means allowing your Chakras and Central Channel to stay plugged into the earth and to the Universe at all times.

Where you ground into the Earth with your Central Channel of energy is very important. The Earth is a marvellous Spiritual Being and Guide for all of us mere mortals. Her consciousness is incredibly light and full of abundant life force energy. Her purest energy runs through her core.

In Module 1, we spoke about the 4th dimension and how it exists around us. Beyond that, we encounter the 5th dimension, where the pure energies of the Universe await. Well the earth also has these dimensional components.

Where we stand on the earth is the 3rd dimension. Beneath us in the earth from surface level for about 200kms, is another layer of 4th dimensional energy. This astral dimension is created because the earth is effected by the mental and emotional state of humanity or 'global consciousness'. You may remember in Module 1 we spoke of this in relation to 'Universal Consciousness' and the 'clouds in the sky'.

When the earth is filled with pressure from 'Global Consciousness', tectonic plates shift, causing earth quakes and releasing the tension from Mother Earth. Normally they are between 10-200km in depth, because this is the depth of influence, the emotional energy of Global Consciousness at the time, causes the earth.

Beneath the depth of about 200kms, we have the Earth's pure core energy. Mother Earth is a conscious Light Being. Sometimes called Gaia in the past or Terra more recently. She is one big beautiful Spirit Guide. If we were to look into the centre of her Soul, it would be right in the very centre of the earth and radiate out to about 200kms beneath the surface. Her Soul connects us with the pure energies of the Universe, because she too is very connected to the Universal energies at her core. She is a Light Being incarnate.

She is constantly topped up by starry energies from space and draws these in through her magnetic field. Like a big beautiful, Tele-Empath, this wonderful 'blue marble' we call home, is always drinking in energies from the Universe to support her.

Ideally, we are deeply grounded right to the core of the earth with our Central Channel of Energy. Here we absorb some of the purest energies in the Universe. Not only do we take from mother earth's energy stores, but we also download energies from the unlimited energy stores of the Universe. This is the ideal.

You'll notice in the picture below a representation of this concept. Here a person sits atop the Earth, with their Central Channel of Energy extended into the 5th dimension of Universal Light energy. Their Central Channel extends down into the Earth and they are tapping right into her core light - also 5th dimensional pure energies. You'll also notice the column of light goes almost as high as it does deep. This person is grounded. Like a tree, they have strong foundations or roots, plugging into the earth. This person will not only draw up energies for their benefit, but is also healing Mother Earth, by unconsciously downloading Light into her core. As Tele-Empaths, this is your ideal energetic goal.

When we are not deeply grounded, we connect in with only a small depth into the earth, represented in the picture below. As a result we are tapping into the earth's stress, not the pure energy. As a Tele-Empath we feel the stress in the world and harbour unusual feelings of disconnection and discomfort.

You may have noticed this feeling last time there was a local disaster or perhaps when there were saddening events in the world news. When a great many people are feeling sad, angry or stressed, an ungrounded Tele-Empath feels the 4th dimensional energies or 'Geopathic Stress' in the earth. This stress is the collective feelings and thoughts of humanity.

Remember your roots guide how high your branches go. This person is also tapping into the 4th dimension above the earth. All in all, they'd be feeling very toxic and heavy in their body and emotions without a single clue from their own life and experiences, as to why.

A Tele-Empath's natural defensive reaction is to pull away from the earth energies when they feel toxic. Whenever they feel negative, most Tele-Empaths will unconsciously draw up their roots and try and pull away from the negative energies. This is just like a tree, which is leaning to the side, because it doesn't have strong roots. The picture below shows how this would effect this persons Central Channel of Energy and groundedness.

This last example is what is happening when you are not getting a good nights sleep. Your energy system is only plugged into the 4th dimensional astral energies. You are not tapping into the pure 5th dimensional energies.

For this reason, it is absolutely crucial that Tele-Empaths are grounded. Otherwise your Central Channel is like a straw, which just sucks up all of the negativity in the world and oozes this gunk into your body.

You need to be aware that sometimes when you feel terrible for no good reason, there may be something happening in the world, which is causing negative energy in the 4th dimensional layers of reality above and below us. If you're feeling this, ground, extend your central channel right to the centre of the earth, then Auric Supercharge. You'll notice a difference in your energy within minutes of doing this.

This week I've given you a cd called 'Tree Roots Grounding Meditation'. As you're doing it, really try to visualise your roots growing right down into the earth, below 200kms.

Once you are plugged into good energy all the time, you will then be able to wash away or transmute any negativity you come into contact with pretty much instantaneously.

Symptoms of being ungrounded:-
1. feeling dizzy.
2. feeling lethargic.
3. sensing there is not enough energy in your legs.
4. not feeling strong in your body.
5. ignoring your body's needs (like going to the toilet when you need to, eating when you are hungry, sleeping when you are tired).
6. being effected by negativity when you don't think you've been exposed to any negative stimulus.
7. feeling emotional for no good reason.
8. not manifesting abundance.
9. not feeling secure.
10. not feeling safe.

Creating Other Good Energy Sources Around You
This week we're also going to adjust your environment, so there are only positive energies for you to draw in from in the 3rd dimension! Please write notes as you go through this next section and change what you can in your environment this week.

Your Bedroom:-
You probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom, so it is the best place to start. When you're sleeping it is the time for your body to rest and rejuvenate. Through your dreams your consciousness can also connect in with the 5th dimensional Universal Consciousness energies and receive your nightly downloads of inspiration. If anything in your room, forces your energy to be stimulated, your energy will not be grounded and you will sleep with the sideways Central Channel energy configuration. This makes you dream other people's dreams and wake up feeling exhausted.

Anything which opens up your Throat, Third Eye or Crown Chakras while you sleep is bad news for a Tele-Empath! Anything which enhances the bottom four Chakras is great.

Colours are important. Does your bedroom have the following colours for the bottom four Chakras in it?

Base Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus Chakra
Heart Chakra

Or does it have blues, purples and violet colours? You need to have a lot of grounding colours in your room. You may get a more grounded coloured bed spread, put some red cushions or pillow cases on your bed. Hang new paintings or use grounding coloured decorative features.

Crystals You musn't have any crystals which are any other colours except: black, brown red, orange, yellow, green or pink, in your bedroom. Your crystals must also be smudged or cleansed in another way every 2 days at least.

Elements You must only have the energy of earth or water in your bedroom. Fountains, plants or water features will enhance your depth of sleep. Peace Lily plants are amazing for rejuvenating your energy at night and are very hard to kill if you're not a green thumb. Place at least 3 plants in your room and notice the difference it makes.

Your bedroom must also be spiritually cleansed regularly at least every 2 days. This will allow you to soak in only the purest energies while you sleep.

Think about your bedroom right now. What do you need to change?

Every Day:-
Tele-Empaths need to be around positive energies to continue soaking in good vibrations. Apart from Grounding or Auric Supercharging (or both). Here are some tools you might like to try to enhance your vibration.

Elements At lunchtime, take your lunch and eat it in the nearest park. Your vibration will soak in from nature and leave you feeling renewed. You'll feel even better, if you practise the grounding visualisation (which you'll get below) in the park.

Grounding with Food If you are in a role which encourages you to use your mind a lot, eat red fruits and vegetables at lunch time. This will ground your energy. At around 3-4pm when your energy levels naturally drop, juice half a lemon in some water and drink it. Or, eat a banana. Both these foods enrich your energy and quickly bring your levels back to full.

Remember Like Attracts Alike, so you want positive energies and feelings inside you, as much as possible. This will force your energy to only attract more positive energies.

Practise Being Present Take one task at a time and complete it. Tele-Empaths can do many things at once, but when you allow your focus to become scattered, your energy will scatter too.

Crystals Throw away your black tourmaline crystals for psychic protection. This crystal is defensive and shield-like and does not work for Tele-Empaths. Instead, recognise which Chakras need the most help (from Module 2) and wear a crystal of this Chakra colour on your person and passive side, every day. Stay in touch with what you need, as the crystal you need may change.

You may also like to wear a piece of Sugulite, Larimar, Kyanite or Merlinite on your person every day. These stones vibrate with the essence of love and will help you stay in a great state, so you can attract only loving energies.

The secret to great psychic protection as a Tele-Empath, is use tools that make your energy vibrate in the same way as the energies you want. If you want loving energies, surround yourself with loving energies.

This week, please have a play with these things and see what differences you notice. Change one thing per day and notice the difference it makes for you.

When you're ready, please download the Tree Roots Grounding Meditation below and see the exercise section for a special extra task this week!!!

Don't forget to return to and download the guided meditation that comes with this file! Search for the product and then click the 'download' tab, which you will only see, when you are logged in to the web site. Relax & Enjoy!

This Week's Exercise

Please maintain your daily check in morning and night from Modules 1 and 2. Notice how your energy changes as the week progresses.

This week, I'd also like to invite you to go to your local DVD store. Please hire out and watch 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey and we'll talk more about why I've asked you to do this in Module 4!

In Module 4, we'll be looking at some more ways to increase your joy in life as a Tele-Empath. I'll also be giving you some special 'personal projects' to embark on to really 'anchor in' this new way of receiving energy. Let's get you feeling fantastic every day, attracting abundance and all your hearts desires!

I look forward to continuing our journey in Module 4.

Relax & Enjoy!

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