Channelling Intensive Workshop - Part 8

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Channelling Intensive Workshop' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 7 Review

We are constantly interacting with the world of energy. As you probably noticed while doing the meditation from the last module, this energy is flowing into you all the time. We are constantly channelling healing energy into ourselves and others around us. If you ever need a top up, be around natural energies and you will recharge. If you want to help others, use the techniques of placing your hands on them and focus on drawing the healing energies into your friend.

When using this process during healing sessions with others, often the Spirit Guides will come very close to us. I'll be teaching more about this for those of you who are going onto the trance portion of the next class.

Healing energy is available to us always, so enjoy it often.

Verbal Channelling

Verbal channelling is one of the most useful tools to the Channelling student. Once the pathways are open, you will find your Guides just help out with messages whenever you need them. You've probably already experienced this in your life at various times. Have you ever felt that words just seemed to pop out of your mouth? After speaking you may have wondered, 'where did that come from?' Spirit take the opportunity to help whenever they can!

Verbal channelling is very different to written channelling in that it is slightly harder. Information can be spoken much faster than it can be written or typed (for the majority of people) and therefore the process of letting go, as the information comes through, means we have to have even less control, as we let the information pass through us.

For this reason, this week, I want you to go out and buy a recorder of some kind. The only way you'll be able to analyse how you did, is by listening to your recordings of your verbal channelling.

As a general tip, the recorders I use are digital notetakers. These contraptions can be plugged into your computer and you can burn cds of your sessions very easily. I've also found that Spiritual energy seems to make the old audio tapes and dictaphones deteriorate very quickly! (You'll see the effects of spiritual energy on the video you can download with this module.) Digital recordings still seem to be effected by the energy of channelling sessions, but not as quickly! Sony have some great digital recorders. Make sure if you're buying one that you get one with a USB connection.

So in verbal channelling, the information is going to flow through you much more quickly. With your written channelling you still had a certain level of control, as you had to mentally focus on writing or typing. Speaking is much easier and happens much more quickly. You will learn, over time, to completely remove yourself from the process.

If you want the blessings of healing energy as well as unobstructed verbal information, then progress to the trance workshop. In this workshop I will be giving you some tools which help you to channel, specifically without going into trance.

Our first step with verbal channelling is giving you some clear steps as to how the process will unfold. The first involves you being very, very aware of where the energy of the channelled information originates around you. I know we have spoken of this before, but it is crucial for clear verbal channelling.

I will be giving you the Chakra Clearing and Healing cd to do again this week (download below), as it gives you a very clear understanding of where information is coming from within you or around you.

Let's start by being really clear on differentiating between thoughts & clairaudience.

A thought begins and ends inside the head. It does not come from outside of us.

When we are writing the channelled information we receive, we are in essence receiving the information just like the picture below.

We are receiving the thought energy containing the word, hearing it or seeing it and writing it down.

With verbal channelling, we are bypassing our mind and allowing the thoughts or energy from our Spirit Guides to bypass our mind completely, as they flow down and out of our Throat Chakra, as in the picture below.

This is not an easy process, especially if you've been subject to such programmed ideas as 'think before you speak', 'don't put your foot in your mouth' etc. We are programmed to think before we speak. In verbal channelling we are specifically trying to reverse this, so we speak before we think!

Not an easy task to get your head to work with you on!

One of the easiest ways to get around this problem is to give your mind something to do while attempting it. You can try holding something in your hand like a crystal and move it with your fingers, while you are trying to voice channel. You can also focus your eyes on something like a candle flame or something else which is moving, like a trees branches, while you attempt to channel. If you do this, you are giving your mind something to do.

Having your eyes open allows you to use active telepathy. This means that you are choosing what you tune into. Passive telepathy helps us receive the thoughts of everyone around us and also access our own subconscious. For this reason, please keep your eyes open during all voice channelling sessions.

The way the energy feels as it is coming through is very different and you will notice that your mind really wants to jump in, especially in the beginning, so I must ask you to expect this!

I have created a video of myself voice channelling for this module. Watch it mindfully and look at what happens to my energy as the Guide comes in. When they are speaking, you will not remember what is said. This is why it is important to record your sessions. I recorded this on my Logitech notebook camera. If you have one, perhaps you would like a video recording of your sessions?

You'll notice that there are three distinct places in the channelling session. Where the Guide begins speaking to me, there is a bumpy transition as the energy integrates. I call this 'warming up'. There is also a bumpy transition as the Guide leaves. I call this 'cooling down'. Each voice channelling session starts with warming up and finishes with cooling down. So the wisdom you bring through may be less clear at the beginning and end of your sessions, as you're 'getting hold' of your Guide's energy.

If you listen to the video again, you will begin to feel the energy transmission through the words. In the last module we spoke about healing energy being transferred. In the video, while recording, I was getting what we call ELE. This is an 'ecstatic love experience', where every single part of your being is emerged in complete ecstatic universal love. Normally accompanied by a feeling similar to goosebumps. You feel the fullness of your energy and are in total presence with the wisdom of the message. Listen to the message and see if you can receive the ELE from it as you listen.

When you reach this feeling state during channelling, you are channelling clearly. When you cannot remember what you said, especially in the middle of the session, you are channelling clearly. This takes much practise.

You'll often find just like in written channelling, the Guides will bring you new information or new ways of seeing something. In the case above, I got a new perspective. As I listened back to it, I thought it was interesting that they used the word juxtaposition in the context of the other words: Discord etc i.e. separation from Source. I actually went and looked up if their were other meanings of the word and found out that it describes a situation of something running parallel or sitting beside something. In other words to not be juxtaposed means we are not beside ourselves, but whole an interesting way of describing oneness!

All of your channelling sessions will teach you something new. They do not repeat information you already know, or information in the way you are currently seeing it. When you are voice channelling for others, this may be the case, but when you are doing it with the purpose we are in this module, it is for you. It will never repeat what you already know.

This week I want you to try and do exactly the same thing I did above in the video. Please ground yourself beforehand and make sure you are centred before beginning.

Please record your sessions. I want you not to worry too much about what is said. I simply want you to feel the energy.

Notice when it comes in. Where is the energy flowing into your Chakras? Once in where does it flow?

How does it feel in your Throat Chakra? How does it build up for you? When you start speaking how does it feel?

Notice when the energy leaves. How does it feel? Notice how it feels as you're speaking.

Did you feel the energy of your Guide?

Did you experience any moments of ELE's?

The great learning comes with voice channelling with practise. For this module I want you to try and practise 10 times before going onto the next module.

Notice what state you are in before you begin. Notice what happens during. Did you struggle with any new concepts that tried to come through?

Record the sessions and type/write out the information, but for your feedback, please just share your experience of the sessions, rather than what information you received. At this point we are merely opening the channel.

Please also notice during the week if you have any experiences where information just seems to pop out of your mouth. Notice when your Guides are helping you. If you have any of these experiences, please describe them in your feedback.

I realise Im giving you a lot to do this for this module! But, please also try to do the Chakra Clearing and Healing meditation a few times again to assist your channelling this week.

I look forward to deepening our voice channelling process in the next module.


Don't forget to return to and download the guided meditation that comes with this file! Search for the product and then click the 'download' tab, which you will only see, when you are logged in to the web site. Relax & Enjoy!

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