Channelling Intensive Workshop - Part 5

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Channelling Intensive Workshop' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 4 Review

How did you go with the 'fixed beliefs' exercise Spirit gave you last week? Did you learn more about yourself? Did your Main Guide bring you some wonderful new perspectives? Did you find grasping their ideas was, at times, difficult? It is sometimes hard to grasp new ideas, when we have fixed ones, so it would be natural to experience this.

In order to be an open channel and to be able to download information on any subject we choose, we must have an open mind. When we are in this state of absolute surrender, ready to learn new things, the Universe of knowledge is always available to us.

You may choose to revisit this exercise many times in your life. As part of my own development, I do this whenever I notice myself having 'an opinion' about anything. This allows me to constantly question why I have a set belief and keeps my channel open to new ways of seeing the world. If you'd like to be as open as you can be, I'd suggest perhaps you do the same.

Channelling Visionary Experiences

As you're no doubt starting to see, Channelling is a life-long process of improvement. As we let go of fixed paradigms, judgments and ego-based ways of seeing the world and ourselves, we can be open to the myriad of possibilities available to us from the Universe when we are presented with them.

We're going to start this module with a channelling 'checklist'. After you have finished channelling any written information, reference the material in this checklist to find your filters.

When you find a filter, examine why it might have come through. See if there is something you can learn about yourself in the process. You may find fixed ideas or the egoic self, blocking the clarity of a channelled message. Identify these filters and then change your thinking to stop them coming through again. If you don't know how to change your thinking, ask your Main Guide to give you a new way of seeing the particular concept you've filtered.

Chooses for YouLeaves Choice to you
Promotes DependencyPromotes Independence
Is status orientatedIs free and open
Insists on obedienceEncourages growth and development
Often claims authorityRecognises a Higher Power
Uses human religious termsLeaves this definition to you
Speaks of limitationsUnlimited capability
Offers ShortcutsOffers Integration
Repeats information you knowBrings new information to you
Seeks personal gratificationAffirms Divine Order with the good of the whole
Is ComplexIs simple/ easy to follow
Makes you tune outKeeps you tuned in
Uses human slangIs correct English
Uses words/ phrases you would useIs original
Creates no feeling when readMakes you feel amazing & inspired
Is restrictedIs hopeful
Is JudgementalIs Compassionate Understanding
Is harshIs gentle/ encouraging

Go through the checklist above. Consider each statement. If you don't understand the, sometimes subtle, differences, please ask me in your feedback for this module.

Now that we're beginning to deepen our understanding of how to channel as clearly as we can, lets look for a moment at how to use the information you're receiving. Most of the time, the Universe wishes to help, but can only do so, when we ask. Here are some ideas of when/where you might choose to use your written channelling techniques.

As Lightworkers we often wonder what is going on in the world. We may feel changes occurring and be unsure about why they are happening. Being able to ask about this subject is a wonderful gift for each channelling student.

The concept below was an answer to the question I asked Spirit. "Why are so many others feeling such huge energy changes at the moment?"

"There has come a time in each pathway forward where you must surrender. The Universal energies you have access to, are calling you. They are warranting your attention. Many of you 'seekers' are lost and unsure. You are wishing yourselves to be something you are not. Your world is filled with many pre-requisites of experience. You are each tied to this way of being. Whether you are 'slaves' to your jobs, materialism, endlessly searching for the perfect relationship or your own personal development, all of these choices lead you away from your centre. Each of these experiences keeps you bound to a state, beyond this moment.

The pathway forward shall open like a glorious parting of fixed ideas. Here in this new open state, you will be given the choice for the new blueprint of your world. Each of you shall choose how you go forward and the collective choice of all choosing on your planet, shall decide the fate of all. As you imprint into collective consciousness, you shall pattern what is to come for many generations.

Choose what you wish for the future of the world. What are the important factors to you? What is this 'life' all about? What is its meaning and purpose? Each of you shall have a different answer.

As you find these answers, the seeds you plant into the thoughts of all, will grow like blossoming flowers in the meadow of life. You will enrich the world.

You can ask your Guides if what you are experiencing is part of your own growth or if it is part of the 'Divine Plan'. You can get updates on where consciousness is heading, how these steps forward may influence your own experience and how others are feeling the changes.

If you've been in spiritual circles for a while, you may have heard of something people refer to as 'Ascension'. It is basically an idea that as a race, we are growing and evolving into a more aware state of being. Many Lightworkers fear the changes around this time, wondering what may happen in the process. They may have read interpretations of the Mayan and Hopi Prophecies and read the great deal of garbage on the Internet about the end of the world in 2012. In the following example, I asked Spirit to share with me what the state of our experience will be like, after this 'Ascension' process is complete. Here is what they said.

There is no beginning nor end, to the growth of a Soul. One does not start here and finish there. Growth is a process, which occurs slowly and with grace. Nothing in nature leaps, but merely wanders through its next stages. Many in your realm consider time lines, dates and shifting changes, which shall occur on 'this day'. Dear One this is not so. There is no beginning and end to energy and therefore there is no such measurement, in terms of time. You shall not awaken one day to an 'Ascension of consciousness'. In fact, Dear One, this process started many millennia ago from the birth of life on your planet.

Each of you have seeded this conscious step. Each of you have within your mind, a framework for your place in the growth of human evolution. You were given this map before you were born. Deep inside your consciousness there is a place where you are open to remembering these concepts or 'guidelines' for your place in the growth and therefore, the experiences you are to have.

Yours has already been awakened, for others it has not. What we wish to share most in the context of your question, is that you already know. Let us give you a technique for others to find, their own inner answers to this sacred question.

Dear Ones, sit and be still. Breathe into your being and feel the life-force and energy upon your breath. Take a few moments.

As you breathe, you are inviting the energy of life into your lungs. Feel the surge of life in your being, as you simply breathe.

Call to yourself the memories of your Soul. Call to be awakened. Ask yourself to remember your place in the Great Mystery. "

They then continued with an exercise for you channelling students to try. As you read the words, do so very slowly. Ponder each statement and let your mind be very open. Allow yourself to visualise what is being said.

"Imagine you are looking out into the world. See the energy flowing through all around you. Rivers of light, colour and energy, surge through all living things.

See this energy flowing into the hearts of those who are open. Watch what happens to their vibration, as they simply accept, the energy of life, into their being.

Notice what happens to the world as more and more of those who are present, awaken, open, evolve with this energy. See the planet beginning to glow.

Look deep at the Earth Heart and notice the glory of Her beginning to shine, guiding you all gently, to your next levels of conscious evolution. Watch the Earth Heart glow. See Her glory as She shines like a beacon out into the void of space all around Her.

See the hearts of those who are closed. They begin to wonder what the changes are. Their Guides present them with opportunities to grow. They choose or they don't. This is up to them.

Some begin to open. They reach out and accept the love and life of the Universe in their hearts. The awakening continues for many on the planet.

Critical mass is reached. The light becomes so bright, as to awaken any darkness, to its own glory. Those around you see the gifts of their perceived imperfection. They accept. They love. They grow. They expand. More hearts are reached.

Love encircles the planet. Awakened beings are everywhere.

The Earth Heart murmurs. She is growing and changing, now you collectively allow Her to do so. She raises the light, She allows to flow through Her. The giant 'marble' now streams light into the galaxy. She is a Lighthouse amongst the stars.

Light Beings from many realms notice this change. Finally, those in Earth are awakening. They come in droves to help, now that the earthlings are 'ready', now they accept change. They have chosen.

Light spirals around the globe. Like a glorious gust of energy, it flows as gently as the wind. It flows faster as momentum is gathered. Things occur more quickly. The vibration of the planet is quickening, as are the vibrations of all, who hold awareness of this energy.

Like a spiritual orgasm, consciousness reaches its peak. As the age dawns on this conception, new life is born. Awareness splits. Those who are aware of the changes begin to move in two spaces, between the worlds. They are there in the physical, but also walk with a foot in the realms of energy.

Earth changes, as if split into two worlds in different realms of experience. Nothing is the same anymore.

The mundane begins again and new experiences are born, for those who choose to remain aware of the physical. Civilizations are lost for less.

This time is the cosmic growth process planned thousands of moons earlier. It has been on path 'for a long time', in your terms.

What lies ahead is only the ascension of consciousness into love. Each will transmute and forever leave behind the need for duality. Old states shall no longer be. Life shall begin again as the lovemaking process of harmony, is seeded into your reality."

The above is not only a guide for how you can find your own perception, leaving the choice to you, but Spirit have done something even more wonderful. Do you remember in the first couple of modules, we spoke about how Spirit could bring you visions of what is to come, that you could literally channel visions into your experience? This is an example of this.

As I was channelling this material, I saw what they were trying to show you. Each word links through the bridge I am and will draw you to see, what it is they are trying to show you. This can only occur if you read slowly, thoughtfully and allow your energy to be open.

One of the most beautiful things we can use channelling for, is to remove view other worlds of experience and download the energy connection to these realms here and now. Meditation teachers do this all the time, if they channel their meditations. (All Perfect Unison Development Class Teachers do this, including me with the Ascension Classes.) The result is that all students are affected by the energy of this place and receive its benefits. It's one of the reasons why all of the classes at Perfect Unison are channelled. This method bridges the gap for each student, to their own perception of Divine energy.

This is the reason why all students find meditation classes in a group, which are held by a channel, trance medium and Reiki Master, so much stronger for them energetically than ones the simply do at home. Here we begin to experience channelled energy mixed with words that create bridges to realms of light.

Channelled material leaves you with a feeling of connection to the Divine, whatever 'Divine' means to you. It leaves the interpretation of the energy up to the individual, which is why 10 people given the same meditation will have completely different experiences.

This is the beauty of channelled information. It can mean so many different things to different people. It can reach into their hearts and make sense, in their perception.

You can use your channelled writings for your own personal benefit, to answer the big questions you have at any time. Or you can use channelling to download a recipe for the perfect meal. You might ask for step-by-step instructions on making a Medicine Drum, how to fix your car yourself or simply ask where you left your favourite shirt. Whatever guidance you get, take it. It will lead you to your answers as well as many other gifts along the way.

Once you have practised transmuting your filters, when writing channelled information with the technique I have given you, you can more easily download information for yourself. This is possible because you stay separate from the message, as you are bringing it through. Only after it is complete, do you engage its content. In this way, channelling written information becomes a favourite practise for most students. How you use this 'library card to the stars' is only limited by your imagination!

In the next module, we're going to be focusing on channelling spiritual art. This process will allow you to do some pretty special things for your own personal and spiritual development. It is one of the most exciting parts of channelling and one, which all students find extremely beneficial for their personal spiritual development. In order to ready you for this process, this week Spirit have a special 'task' for you.

"Life is not a race. There is nowhere to go beyond here. Each of you has the potential to slow down and enjoy the moment. Momentary awareness is crucial to your development. This week we ask you not to make plans, but to slow down and live in each moment. As you increase your awareness of each moment, you cannot help but to find the bliss in each moment. Each moment contains the quintessential blueprint for joy and harmony. In the contemplation of a single flower, you cannot help but to admire the beauty in its complexity and its simplicity. This is the beauty of channelling, to be absolutely wholeheartedly present with what is occurring. Notice the feelings and sensations you receive as you do this week's exercise. Notice how the process makes you feel. Experience the totality of the moment. As you do this, you shall find the bliss of the universe, the ultimate freedom and happiness in a single second."

How does one be present? You are given senses. Hearing, seeing, taste, smell, feelings, sensing and touch. With each experience you encounter this week, try and experience all of them.

For example: when you eat something, smell it, look at its colour, feel the texture of it before you eat it and notice how it feels as it flows into your body. What feeling does this food leave in your body afterwards, when it is being digested?

Try this exercise with every single thing you do during the week and notice what happens!

I'd also like you to try channelling on the following 6 words. Please observe your own filters and be sure to ask in your feedback, if you have any questions. As you are channelling on these words, please take time to notice what senses and experiences come with the words. What visions are you shown? What feelings come to you? How does your energy feel?


This week I'm also giving you a meditation called Tree Roots Grounding Meditation. This meditation takes about 10 minutes or so and should be done every day. Once you've mastered the technique, practise it for about 3 minutes at a time. This meditation will help you stay grounded and present, assisting you for our next module.

I look forward to continuing our sacred journey together then.


Don't forget to return to and download the guided meditation that comes with this file! Search for the product and then click the 'download' tab, which you will only see, when you are logged in to the web site. Relax & Enjoy!

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