Channelling Intensive Workshop - Part 10

Special Note: Welcome to the downloadable copy of the old class Avril ran on 'Channelling Intensive Workshop' in 2009. With so much new content coming through from Spirit, Avril is not able to offer feedback with this content any longer, which is why it has been turned into a Broadcast only. You may read references to feedback required throughout these notes, but as this is no longer an online class and is simply offered as a Broadcast of information, you can ignore these prompts. We've left these prompts for feedback in the notes, as they are good indications of when you might want to reflect for yourself and write your experiences in your journal. Enjoy!

Module: 9 Review

Each of the Life Experiments I gave you in the last module will increase your Channelling awareness, so please enjoy doing these in the future as well, if you wish to keep expanding your Channel.

Expanding Your Channel

In our final module together I'd like to share with you some extra ways to keep increasing your abilities with Channelling. As you've probably realised by now, Channelling is a life-long process that keeps improving for you, the more you practise. If you don't practise, you won't improve.

If you do choose to practise, even if it is for just 5 minutes a day after this class, not only will your channelling abilities become much clearer, especially if you are identifying filters and working through them, learning about yourself and growing, but you will also have your channelling capabilities increased. Let me explain what I mean.

At the moment, you may be channelling a sentence. This is all that can come through your channel right now. As you begin channelling, you require a lot of energy clearing to hold the vibrations of light within your being for that certain period of time. Your Spirit Guides never rush this process, otherwise the clearing can be uncomfortable. If you think back over your growth in your personal life since starting this class, I'm sure you'll identify that you've grown in some ways. Your ability to hold more light through you, has already begun to change your personal journey.

As you become able to hold this vibration of light for longer periods of time, you will not only bring through more in your messages, but you will be able to hold this light within yourself, simply because you can. One of the 'perks' of channelling I haven't told you about yet, is that it helps you to become enlightened in your energy and awareness and that over time, you hold this vibrational essence within yourself all of the time. By practising channelling, you are becoming more aware and able to hold this awareness naturally within yourself.

Look back over the last 10 weeks or so, have things changed in your personal life? Are you embodying more light and truth in your personal story?

As you move forward, continuing to practise and gain deeper levels of connection with your channelling, there are several things which may help outside of the personal work we have already discussed throughout the class. You'll notice I mention these things only in the last module, as it is important not to rely on them alone. Your personal work is your greatest help in channelling endeavours.

First, the more lifeforce foods you eat, the better. Generally speaking, fruit and vegetable, organic if possible, ingested before a channelling session (about 15-20mins before) will help you channel. Don't try and channel on a full stomach through! I'm talking about having a piece of fruit for example.

If you have any ailments in your physical body, learn what foods can heal this. The stronger your physical body is, the clearer your channel. So if you had liver problems for example, have some lemon juice in water before channelling. It will boost up the lifeforce in the liver before your session. If you don't know much about which foods help with the different areas of the body, I'd thoroughly recommend James's Spiritual Food Classes.

To attract wholeness and oneness from the Universe you must be one yourself. If your energy is vacant around an organ, Chakra or Aura part, you won't channel as clearly. So ensure you continue with Chakra Clearing, Auric Supercharging or some form of energetic clearing and energising. A walk in nature before channelling sessions may just do the trick.

Crystalline energy is one of the best forms of concentrated life force energy. In my own channelling my Guides have told me, that Crystals have basically been sitting in the earth soaking up the good energy for sometimes millions of years. This sure beats a piece of fruit that grew in a month, even if the tree has been 'plugged in' for 30 years! Crystals are not useful unless they are in the Etheric Layer of your Aura, if you're having health problems or in the spiritual or mental layer of your Aura if channelling. As you meditate and channel, your Aura actually grows in size, but generally speaking, the Etheric Layer is about 0-20cm's away from your physical body. The Mental Layer is about the distance of your wrist (if you extend an arm away from you in a straight line) and the spiritual layer is about 1-1.5m away from your physical body.

When you're setting up a space at home for your channelling practise, you may like to use the following crystals for your channelling room.

Golden or Green Seraphinite

Placed about 1-1.5 metres away from where you'll be sitting, these crystals will amplify your energy field and help you get information through clearly.

If you live in the city, you may also like to place a piece of these crystals in each corner of the room. They set up a psychic grid and will help you tune out of the ordinary world and create a little nexus in your home space.

1) Carnelian
2) Ruby OR Ruby & Zoisite OR Amethyst.
3) Chlorite (Chlorite is Moss Agate and Clear Quartz. Chlorite is expensive! If you get a piece of Moss Agate and Clear Quartz and sit them next to each other, it does exactly the same thing!)

Just get a small tumblestone of 1,2,3 and place one set of each three crystals in the four corners of your room.

As you work with your channelling you will also be working with different Light Beings. As your vibration increases through practise, you'll be able to meet many new Interstellar Beings of Light from the Universe. If you're not sure who you are working with, please feel free to try my Learn About Light Beings online class, which will help you learn all about the different Light Beings who help us here on Earth.

Be open to whatever new experiences you've had and to what new information you get. Just because no one here on Earth has received the information this way before, does not mean it is not right!

If you feel right with this, I suggest you stop reading other people's material in books and start channelling your own. After reading literally thousands psychology books, self help books and spiritual guidance books, many years ago my Guides asked me to stop reading. They forced me to find my own answers and rely on my own connection to Source. I can't tell you what a HUGE step that was for me. I thoroughly recommend it!

If you would like to continue reading spiritual texts, try reading books that are channelled, rather than written by people. There is a large selection at Adyar Bookshop, where they even have a "Channelled Books" section, which can also be ordered online.

Practise the gratitude exercise we did back in Module 1, it will open your channel to even deeper levels. As will the presence exercises.

Finally, I will give you an exercise now for each Chakra. Try them when your Chakra awareness tells you a certain Chakra feels like it is blocking your channel.

Crown Chakra
Breathe in light in through the top of your head from the Universe. Hold it in the heart. Then, release it into the Earth. Breathe in Light up from the Earth Core. Hold it in the heart and then push out the top of your head. Allow the breath to be slow, rhythmical, reaching higher & lower with each out breath.

Third Eye Chakra
Focus on candle flame, then close your eyes and visualise the candle flame. See it burning there with your eyes shut. Try this with other things.

Throat Chakra
Try ecstatic dance to move and clear your energy. Sing and dance regularly to stimulate and energise the Throat Chakra. (You can try the dance workshops I run or simply purchase a good Chakra Dance cd like Chakra Trance n Dance from our Gift Shop.)

Heart Chakra
Pair up with someone, sitting closely together and facing each other. Think about why this person is beautiful and wonderful and the ways this person a gift in your life. Perhaps it is just because they are here with you on your journey, maybe you're glad to have someone to relate to when all others in your personal life may not understand as much. Breathing the energy in from above and let it pour down through your heart, out your hands and see the energy reaching across and entering this person's Aura. Surround them with love.

Solar Plexus Chakra
Sit by a fire or candle light and breathe while focusing on channelling the energy of the flame into your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Sacral Chakra
In the shower, visualise channelling the water energy right through your body. Enjoy how amazing you feel afterwards!

Base Chakra
Sit with your back leaning straight against a tree trunk and breathe while channelling the energy of Earth into your Base Chakra. In this example, the tree's earth flow will help your own.

Use these exercises to unblock your channel and keep it clear.

As one last mission for those who wish to accept it, I encourage you to do 5 more attempts at Verbal Channelling this week. Record your sessions and type them out. Please leave these in your final feedback for the class. If you are continuing onto the Trance Workshops, please continue to do the Verbal Channelling for at least one more week and leave your feedback before beginning the first Trance module.

I'd like to say it has been a pleasure sharing this workshop with you. My greatest pleasure in sharing this work, is the empowerment each student receives. You are a Divine counterpart and you can now receive your own Divine Birthright to Channel Universal Knowledge and bliss. Use it well and enjoy!

Congratulations on making it through the class! It is not an easy process to become a clear channel and takes great courage to get this far. I honour you for taking the steps you needed to, to get through to the end of this class. Well done! Make sure you acknowledge your fine achievement.

A Message for Channelling studentsWhen I first began running these workshops, Spirit gave me a message to pass on to each Channelling Student, this message is below.

"It is time to merge into one flow, one movement, in the rhythm towards the Divine aspects you wish to bring into your life. There are many people who need help to be lifted, to be able to experience the beauty in the light. It is your job to help them with the tests. This is why we are giving you the gift of channelling, so that you may share our messages with others around you. There will come a time when you may not understand things around you. Trust, for all of this is unfolding exactly as it is meant to be. There is no limitation in the light, no hardship, just abundance and if this is what you focus on, then this is what you truly will receive.

There are many of you, with souls of old. You have come to this place now to raise its vibration, to help others understand the gifts of the light. It is your time now to step into the light and to share with others what you have discovered for yourself. Stretch your wings and fly. All you need to do is allow the goodness of the light to channel through you and out into the masses of your world.

There will be some you may question your intentions. There will be some that do not understand you and what you are trying to do. Fill them with as much love as you can muster and then move on. Your pathway leads to the light and that which you may share with others is of great importance to the Divine Ones. We only wish to support you, to help you understand your journey. We ask you for your continued purity. Shed all that no longer serves as you embrace the life and embrace the love of the Divine Ones. Count your blessings always, because it can only be with gratitude that you receive your gifts.

Each of you will develop your own style, your own understanding of how you will channel. You may start with one form and expand to another just make a start in the rest will flow naturally.

With many blessings from the Divine Councils of Light we send you along your way now. Many of you will now bring through the lights, our hearts contain. We look forward to this sharing. Walk your truth, live your truth - which is only love, always. Go now in peace and bring peace into your lives."

I wish you all the blessings of the Universe with your channelling endeavours and I thank you for sharing this journey with me.

Brightest Blessings,

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