I want to help you, help you. The more luminous you are, the brighter this world can become and most people, need a little more light, hope and love in their lives right now. I know times are tough and uncertain, so I am offering my sessions with big discounts, to help you afford support and shorter sessions for those who are time limited. I look forward to helping your light, peace, harmony and joy expand, in every way I can.

Save up to 50% on:
– any sessions booked on a ‘subscription‘ or multiple bookings, even for multiple people.
– Soul Maps

Save up to 30% on:
– One off Soul Coaching (now available as video calls )
– Mini Readings
– Healing Analysis and Distant Healing (now with a New phone call component option)

Don’t know what session to book in for, please contact me with a little about what you’re after and I’ll help you find the perfect one.