Your Soul’s Wisdom, Holds the Keys to your Happiness

Isn’t it time you felt great and had fun living? You are alive at this profound time of human evolution, because you are meant to be here, contributing your unique greatness and living the life of your dreams. Bringing all of your gifts to this world is imperative, to contribute to the wellbeing of everyone right now. This planet needs you, fully activated and living the very best version of your life.

Offering Sessions to Help You Hear Your Soul

For more than 25 years, Avril has been helping people from 61 countries around the world, to discover their Soul’s wisdom. Becoming whole can allow the magnificence inside each of us, to shine through. When we are all living deliberately and on purpose, our world becomes more luminous, even in the most difficult of times.

Awakening People To Their True Aliveness

Hear from Your Soul and Let its Wisdom Guide Your Life…

Embody Your Natural Luminosity, Become the Very Best Version of You…

Be Supported and Seen, to Activate All of Your Potential…
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Positive Reviews from
Thousands of Clients

See ReviewsOnly 2 negative reviews from 35,000 sessions!

People have been offering feedback without being asked for years. They feel so inspired, they can’t help but say, thank you for the experience Avril brings them, with their own Soul’s wisdom. Avril is genuine, as is her desire to make this world a better place, co-creating happiness and empowerment, one person at a time.

Who Teaches
Your Teachers, Teachers?

Book NowAvril has been the go-to support system for some of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time.

With Avril, you get profound experience, deep knowledge and a person totally dedicated to your liberation into love light and laughter. This is why some of the people who know, choose her, for their spiritual education, advancement and support.

Free Classes

Need Extra Support and Assistance Right Now? After Sharing Development Classes for 25 Years, Avril Is Now Offering Access to Many of Them for Free!

From Healing to Shamanism, Meditation to Attracting Love, Psychic Protection, Teacher Training, Psychic and Mediumship Skills, Channelling, Living Life in a Divine and Sacred Way and so much more…

Become the Empowered Human You Were Always Meant To Be.

Attune To Your Essence…

Experience Your Soul…

Live Your Bliss…

Community Sharings…

The future is about Oneness, sharing and supporting life to become the primary objective.

I want you to be lifted up, to be the very best version of yourself, as you lift others up, when you are able to. Since March 2020, I now share on many platforms and also have a newsletter, to keep you Om High and inspired. When times are tough, I’ll explain the Great Mystery of it all. If you’re ready to be part of a community of extraordinary human beings who are all working towards being the very best version of themselves, join me, follow me and be inspired by me.

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