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Isn’t it time you felt great and had fun living? You are alive at this profound time of human evolution, because you have a great deal to offer this world. Bringing all of your gifts to this world is imperative, to contribute to the wellbeing of everyone right now. This planet needs you, fully activated and living the very best version of your life.

Offering Sessions to Help You Shine

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Awakening People To Their True Aliveness

Hear from Your Soul…

Embody Your Natural Luminosity

Be Supported and Seen

Thousands of Positive Reviews

In 30,000 sessions, Avril has only ever had one bad review!

Avril works directly with your Soul. This helps people to find deep meaning in every single session.

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The Teachers Teacher

Who do the planet’s most profound spiritual teachers get support from?

If you’re ready to have a sacred session with a being who holds space for some of the most profound leaders and spiritual teachers on this planet.

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